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Im jeff just brought my first Harley and she's a beauty.

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by jeffsride, Dec 24, 2015.

  1. #1 jeffsride, Dec 24, 2015
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    Not sure were to write properly yet.abit illiterate to this.but ill get there soon enough.
    2014 dyna wide glide,only 4500ks on the clock.

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  2. Welcome!
    That's a very nice bike you bought, enjoy!
  3. Thank you.looking forward to having a good ride.
  4. welcome aboard jeffsridejeffsride :) nice bike enjoy the addiction that is riding :)
  5. Welcome aboard..

    (Stoopid Apple auto-correct changed this to abhorred :LOL:)
  6. Hi Jeff, just had a bit of a tinker with your thread title and post mate, have a merry xmas on your new bike
  7. G'day jeffsridejeffsride, enjoy your ride, cruisers rule for us old blokes(you are old aren't you (y))
  8. either that or hes one of those cheerful chaps
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  9. Welcome to Netrider jeffsride...... Nice bike you have there! :)
  10. Welcome, jeffsridejeffsride. Been more and more tempted to look at Harley's... Those Wide Glides look a nice thing.
  11. Thank you.im sure I will.
  12. Ha ha.thank you.its in the bloid.
  13. The wide glide certainly caught my eye.
  14. Thank you davidk
  15. Thank you
  16. Lol..not sure bout the old option.id say well matured.lol
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  17. Awesome bike...

    Welcome to the forums..