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I'm in the money!!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Mouth, Mar 10, 2005.

  1. Wooo Hooo!!!! I just got my insurance payout cheque in the mail!!
    :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

    MMMMMmmmmm ... shopping time :)

    Suggesstions anyone? :) Up to 11K is the budget, 800cc or more. 3-4 yrs or younger, with no more than 15,000km. Probably a sports tourer, but will look at sports. Not too heavy, as Sarah will also be riding it. Used for a daily commute, as well as day/wend ride, and also multi-day tours. Will need to be a good/comfortable two-up bike. As an idea, a firestorm is definantly on the list to be looked at :)
  2. Lucky bastard, wish I'd crashed my bike......wait a minute, no I don't! :LOL:

    Damn it must be good to have that sort of cash and knowing that you can spend every last cent of it on another bike =P~ :biker: .
  3. You cant go past a VTR !! red of course 8)
  4. Easy. Triumph Sprint ST, 2002 model or newer. :D
  5. SV1000 mate, thats what i'd do :D or maybe one of the duke sports tourers, they look pretty comfy and seem to be reasonably priced....

    goddamn you ppls with more money than me :evil:
  6. How about a BMW... something? :) Yes, it's a vague suggestion, but a suggestion none the less :p
  7. Being completely unbiased on VTR's (There the greatest bike in the world!!! :D ), they would seem to fit your bill pretty well. I don't think you can get a better bang for your buck.

    A word of warning riding two up though. They would pretty much suck in this regard compared to your Viffer. Every pillion I have rode with, really seemed to upset the balance of the bike. I am not really to versed in Suspension technology but I probably had to wind alot of preload onto the read shock to stop this. If you look at where the pillion seat is though, it is almost past the rear axle on VTR. Not good for two up riding.

    They will do everything else just fantastic though.

    VTRBob might have a suggestion on rear suspension setting for two up work. Just don't buy a red one. :p
  8. Go the FireStorm or the SV1000. I'd go the FireStorm if it were my money.... :wink:
  9. How about a VFR VTEC?
  10. How 'bout a 900SS?

    Very comfy for pillions and handles great when pillioning, great commuter....reliable, fun, good for longer trips as well and most importantly....its a good bike for a girl, too!

    :D :D :D
  11. VFR's fall over mid corner :)
  12. Not a big Suzuki fan, so SV would be a big leap. VTR are definantly nice, as is the Sprint ST. VFR is too heavy for Sarah, and I don't like the newer styling much.

    As for the BMW ..... I love the RS1100S =P~ =P~ Was at BMW Southbank yesterday afternoon, and could have easily slapped down the credit application for that one :LOL:
  13. your not going to stay with a VFR??

    yeah its a hell of way to get a new bike.... :LOL:

  14. get and R1.. they also make a nice touring bike too ;)
  15. Would have to agree with Spectre, the Triumph Sprint ST is a fantastic bike.
    As a pillion on it I was very comfortable and the performance two up was still fantastic.
    Seating position is fairly upright and so remains comfortable as a daily commuter or on long tours and fuel economy is great as well.

    Just my opinions.

    Goodluck in the search guys.

    '91 Across
  16. Go the Trumpy!!
  17. I'm picking up a trend that netrider may one day be the VTR Firestorm hangout instead of the Across hangout... but hell; my votes on the VTR.
    Just pull those baffles out ASAP and thats one very nice bike. :D
  18. VTR, is the way to go .
    forget the expensive , high cost maintainance Toil leaking trumpys.
  19. Zx6-r... I know some one who is selling one cheap!!