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I'm in the game!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by seantheninja, May 29, 2008.

  1. I finally got my red 250R ninja yesterday and rode it home and all i can say is WOW! Very early days and alot to learn yet but i'm loving it and can't wait to get back on it!

    A warm welcome from the cage community as i got pulled out on coming into a turning lane into center rd from jasper.. saw it coming so i was able to pull up but scared me a bit..

    I'll have pics tonight as i know there are image hungry people around :p

    see you all on the road!!
  2. Uh oh, a red bike rider!! Just kidding :)
    Welcome. Guard your bike though, as the waiting list is still pretty high for the new ninja's :wink:
  3. Everyone knows red ones go faster - I gave my son an absolute caning the other week.
    BMX 0 - SRX 1 :p

  4. Congrats Sean !
  5. pics pics!!

    this is mine :)

    It's a strange feeling having a nice bike. I'm fighting the urge to post the pic in every forum/thread.

  6. Nice LOOKING bike :p
  7. ...and here I am settling for a 15 year old ninja...
  8. Yeah, but your model is that cool one with the awesome hoses on it, isn't it? None of that goodness on the new one.

    I thought they were the poo when I first saw them :grin: Sweet as...
  9. haha yeah it is, adds another 20-30 k's to the top speed I think :p
  10. You talking about the cold air intake on the old Ninjas?

    and the old ninjas are inline 4 with 4 carbs the new one is the GPX engine and carb set up.
  11. I read in another thread all they are for is to cool the electrics running under the fuel tank or something. Although I'm more than happy to tell people they're cold air intakes!

    Sounds much sportier!
  12. Sorry about the pics delay - couldn't find the phone connecting cord.

    Anyways here they are



    Took her up to dandenong with the old man and what a blast!! All i can think of is riding more and more!!!!

  13. Nice new bike. now get some oggy knobs to protect the fairing and some fork sliders.
  14. +1 for oggy knobs.
  15. Are oggy knobs specific for the type of bike or are they just a generic fit.

    Do you guys find it hard to lock the handle bars, mine is very fiddly and i get frustrated with it.

    I got a red one aswell :grin:
  16. Hi there, as a potential 250r rider (currently saving still) do you mind if i ask how much you guys got them for and how much were the additional on-road costs. thanks :)
  17. I looked at one in a dealership (second hand) that was marked at 4700. Actual cost was about 5200, but im not sure what is included in that-rego etc.

    After buying my bike privately (which came with a roadworthy and 8 months rego) I had to pay 200 to transfer the rego, havent insured yet (doing on monday) but I think it will be about 150 for 3rd party, and I think thats about it. Be aware to rego or transfer the rego of your bike you need a roadworthy, which cost the guy i bought it from $1500-he was expecting about 400-500. So buy one already with rego!

    Privately bought so no warranty!

    I think the majority of the cost of transferring the rego is calculated on the value of your bike, again mine was about the same price as the one i mentioned in the delearship.

    My bike is an early '90s model.

    Oh and by the way-no problems with the steering lock, although my bike is quite 'broken in'