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I'm in lurve

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by trinity, Aug 24, 2007.

  1. So had an rdo today, thought i'd get some practice in round the local streets then my sis said come over for lunch so I road from rowville to hallam :grin: so proud of myself was a bit nervous but did it anyway, through the back roads not the s.e. freeway! Coming home I went out through Narre Warren up into Belgrave & then down to home, might not seem like much but I'm stoked & most definately in love. What a day, what a feeling, quite sure my technique leaves a lot to be desired & I was going pretty slow but my first ride at speeds over 50kph & on twisties :grin: :grin: A couple of corners towards the end felt real sweet....did get overtaken by three cars on the last bend coming out of Belgrave :LOL: So looks like good weather for the weekend I know what i'll be doing.

  2. pfft, cars overtaking means you are doing a sensible speed that you are comfortable with ;)
    sounds like you had a blast, enjoy the weekend. :grin:
  3. If you want someone to ride with give me a pm and we may be able to shoot out together if you like. I'm free Saturday.
  4. Can't initiate a pm yet! Be great to ride together sometime.
  5. did you go for a ride today?

    (i think its 20 posts to PM, so answer and you'll be right ;) )
  6. :LOL: yep yep yep! I have an addiction! It's like a drug! Or booze or sex, once you have a little you want a whole lot more :wink:
  7. belgrave girl

    I do work most weekends, but just around the corner.Our BACKYARD is a great practice ride.I need locals to socialise with on the roads.Let me know.Even evening weeknight rides are good, me being a mom and all :)
  8. we needa organise a Hills Learner Ride i reckon :p

    im with you, monkeymich, really keen on heading out with a few locals every now and again, be good to go for a group ride.

    just gotta get around work! :grin:

    as others have said, PM me anytime you (monkeymich, trinity, FT4A) wanna go for a ride, il be there unless its impossible!
  9. Yeah I'm in, I don't work weekends, just Mon - Fri 9-5. At least it's not dark at 5.30 anymore!
  10. If only more people caught this bug instead of that nasty one
    If you get stuck for riders i always like a ride after work

    Cheers :grin:
  11. great

    I just went tonight down to p/u a present for someone in Burwood. I would have ridden further If i had companions.On this night of the full moon and all. Sigghhhhh.I am going on my first long distance ride by myself to house sit in Mount Zero on Sunday September the 2nd.I put it up in the announcements,but they took it down.You know how fussy they can be sometimes.So I will be gone for about 5 days.I am really keen to organize some rides soon
  12. Looks like we could have a nice group ride going sometime soon.
  13. Count me in. I werk in Dandenong and usually home by 3:30pm most days.
  14. WHAT?!! In love with your sister, Trinity? Ewahhhhhh.
    Oh, the 250. And you were overtaken by (no less than) 3 cages.
    Hey man, go burn the rubber (and do it ballistically!!!!!) :biker:
  15. Ewahhh is right...you have a grotty mind, of course the 250 not my sister!
    Yeah 3 :( but I'm workin on it being none shortly!
  16. :rofl:

    when it comes to 250's, yep!