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I'm in love! TW200E

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by gracebeey, Nov 22, 2007.

  1. I was just killing time and browsing the Yamaha website, when I came across this little abomination:


    It's short, it's ugly, it's got a fat behind….in other words, I'm in love! :LOL:

    I don't know why, but I'm drawn to this bike (maybe because I'm also in love with another condemned shortie - Z50 the Monkey bike). Has anyone heard anything about it? I tried googling it, but no one seems to have any info on it. Obviously some people love it. Right? :p

    I thought this would be a great second bike for commuting and hooning on the beach.

  2. do yourself a favour and look at the deus ex machina site. they do some awesome stuff with old tw200's

    Basically put and extended swing arm on them.... trust me they look awesome. ill chuck 2 pics of old ones in




  3. Hey I just read a little snippet about this bike right here too

    Looks like it's a great bike to mod up and hoon about on.
  4. they have been around for years in japan...very popular with the bad bikers boys.....i remember when i was living there in 99 they used to fit loud arse megaphones and unifilters and roar around in the middle of the night.Every now and then they pull up in a residentual area and pull the clutch in and rev the crap out of it just to wake people up :D
  5. Good bike, Deus do some up and sell them for a ridiculous price.

    Barely able to sit on freeway speeds though, but plenty fun if your riding is around town or off-road.

    But some do tour on them, plenty more where this came from over 9,500kms on a TW200
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  7. If you want a fun run around bike I dont think you can beat the tw200. I sold my newish SV650 because I wasnt riding it anymore because all my time was spent on the tw. One thing I would say is make sure you put a 40 or 42 rear sprocket on the thing to make higher speeds a bit more pleasant. Pic of mine that I modded
  8. ^^nice.....i sooo want a tw200. to modify...if you couldnt tell from the 2nd post :p

    dues say they use a 225cc kit and a few other goodies and get a bit more power out of them. have you looked at anyof that stuff pil?
  9. No longer available new from Yamaha so if you find a dealer with an old stock one then buy it. Else, look for a nice used one (rare).
  10. So what's the cruising speed now Pil?
  11. What do you mean? I saw it on Yamaha's website. It's on it, they're definitely still selling it! (it's on the Trail Bikes section - although it is a road bike)

    Wow, really really awesome custom TWs out there! Urs is awesome, Pil. The Deus Ex Machina ones are great, but yeah, they're so exxy.

    Oh no....I've only had my new SV for 2 months and I'm wanting yet ANOTHER bike already!!!! As an additional bike, that is, I'm keeping both! :p
  12. Lots of guys ride them with the stock spockets at approx 100kms all day and say they are fine but i want the bike to rev a bit lower. It sits nice on about 90 now but I would love to go down another 2 teeth to a 40 rear. I havent looked at any of the 225 mods for the bike bit to exee for what extra you get. The bike pulls away from most normal cars from the lights so it good enough without being crazy. really fun little bike. I have heard rumours that deus bought all the remaining tw200 left in nsw because they arent importing them anymore but who knows the truth in that. Keep ya eyes open they come up every now and then on fleagay. Pil
  13. I mean, they've got none left this year and they're not bringing it in to Australia next year. An acquaintance ordered one a couple of months ago and the shop was about to refund his money, eventually they found one at a dealer and had it shipped to him. So you had better get on the phone to find the last dealer with one in the shop, cos you can't get them from Yamaha's warehouse any more.
  14. when I bought mine a couple of months ago, Yamaha Australia looked at their stock database and told me there was 1 left with 0 k in the country. So, according to Yamaha, mine was the "last" one. Used TW200's with low k's are seen on bikesales now and then, there was one in QLD I saw last week.
  15. I used to have one for commuting, cost me $3,000 with 2,500k's on the clock off ebay. I sold it and have missed it ever since. There was one for sale for $500, a early 90's model in Castle Hill, Sydney a while back. Missed out on it. Bugger.

    They also sell stock TW225's in Japan. From what I understand the TW200 is a standard TTR250 engine with a different stroke. I changed the sprockets on mine, but only managed 90kph downhill with the wind helping me.

    Keep an eye out for replacement tyres now they aren't being imported. I really hope they don't become like rocking horse droppings.
  16. Not a TTR250 donk going by the cases. (I know because I have one.)

    It could be the old TT250 or Serow 225 motor though.

    I reckon they are odd in a good way.
  17. You're right mate. Mind is in other places - I've spent most of this morning printing off a TTR250 service manual for a mate. I believe it's a XT250


    Looks more like it. I've been keeping one eye open for a cheapo XT250 for a while to do 'deus' style mods and keep as a commuter. Should be able to keep up with the 100kph freeway to and from work.
  18. I wonder, would the TW200 be available for import seeing as they are no longer being brought into the country? I've wanted one of these since the moment I saw one, I'd love to do it up similar to a Dues Ex example.
  19. I heard they are great in the bush. The big tyres ride right over everything nicely. I would get one as a bush basher trail bike but couldn't figure why someone would want it as a road bike.
  20. There are a number pictures of local (australian) modified TW200s in the tw200forum. this bike is chosen by many as a street bike because of the big rear tyre and because there are thousands of parts available (from Japan) for modding.