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I'm in complete shock

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Matchstick01, Jun 3, 2007.

  1. I was just on a ride in which MickyB was leading, and we did not lose one single rider :shock:

    That'd have to be a first ever :LOL:

  2. :LOL: yea of little faith.....

  3. LOL, he rang me earlier, reckons he lost smarteee on "the old rd"
  4. he was probally corner mark for all of 20 sec

    we love ya smarteeeee
  5. :shock: :shock:

    WTFOMGBBQ!!!!!!! :p

    never saw that one coming!
  6. yeah, smarteeee can't ride twisties ! LOL
    Straight line . . . yeah !

    Twisties . . . he needs to work on it !

    smarteeee's excuses . . . .
    - Not my turf !
    - Rematch on Spur when your down
    - Rematch on Sunday !

    c'mon, he was on a Busa . . . more that double my engine capacity !! :p

    In city streets - I try and not make a habit of losing interstate guests.
    My bad experience of losing Rosie in her first night in Sydney still gives me the heebee-geebies !! :eek:

    Also I had a moral obligation to not lose TheYak.
    And Deb was with us . . . . I had to behave !, she has links with GRO, she'll tell others that that Mickyb dude lose chic-riders all the time !
    hahahahaha :LOL:
  7. Statistically it had to happen some time :D
  8. OMG, next thing we'll see a group ride where nobody drops their bike :rofl:

    You can't lose Smartee Mickey, he's got GPS :eek:
  9. Not when i'm on the ride!.. Guaranteed I'm gunna drop my bike on a Netrider ride.. :roll: and if I'm gunna do it, i'll do it in front of a crowd.. :oops: least no damage this time... :grin:
  10. lol well you havent seen micky in action with the gps
  11. But his GPS is gay !
    It does not work ! . . . . could not find KK Livo !! :eek:
    And its suppose to be linked to sensys !
  12. Micky, the GROs already know.... :LOL: :LOL: