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I'm hung over...but! Super Motard on Fox Rocks!

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Doggy, Jun 23, 2006.

  1. Well just got up after a mates Bucks party :oops: Yeah feeling a little green and my ears are more farked than a 1000km ride but it was piss funny to see the Buck wandering around all night with a modified Bundy sucking Fire helmet on. Firefighters, Ambos and a taken couple of coppers + Alcohol = Very funny evening. Too crazy anyway...

    Last night at the Pub they had Fox Sports on with the Super Motard SM (not S&M). Now I know there is a god because he allowed both OP Bundy and SM to be created. So there we were, mildly under the weather (ok we were trashed) and they put on SM. I just sort of sat there in a daze and watched these blokes (and ladies... A hot woman who can ride like that. I'm in love! opps here comes the wife :-w ) I mean the way they ride those things is just amazing. Through my rum induced haze I came to appreciate how much skill must be required to ride like that. Mud then onto tar then throw it over onto it's side is a gutsy move. Must have balls like grapefruit (well not the woman anyway!).

    I've been tossing up about buying a new bike for a while and I have been swinging from Trumpy America to a GSR600 to a road/trail. I can't decide as each has + and - points to it. Now a new contender has entered: A DRZ 400SM sub 10k + $500 cash back from Suzi at the mo. Anyway SM bikes seem to be the answer for me. I kid myself that I'll go on long rides. Yeah I do, maybe twice a year for 1100km each trip. I do 90% of my riding in town. So maybe a SM is right for me.

    Anyway thanks for reading this still mildly drunk post.


  2. Yeah that Supermotard stuff is incredible to watch - makes you realise why Motards are starting to become popular in heavily urbanised areas like Europe and Japan. If the trumpy America was on your list have you checked out the new Triumph Scrambler, not quite a Supermoto but should still good for both dirt and tarmac fun.