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I'm hooked!!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by robbie3786, Oct 16, 2007.

  1. OK so i got my Learners permit about 2-3 months ago... i am also the proud owner of a zzr 250 (96)... and i have to say... I'M ADDICTED TO RIDING!

    I use it now for EVERYTHING! even if it means multiple trips to woolies (safeway for you victorians) anyways.. just want to to share the love etc... i know now why riding is more meaningful than driving. =D

  2. hahaha, I can fit 7 cans of dog food into each saddle bag, a 25 kg bag of dry food strapped ontop of that sideways, 16 rolls of dunny paper into my cotton bag I sling across my back , a 3 litre bottle of milk, 2x1.25 bottles of coke and a few other goodies in the bottom of my tank bag and the top for fruit n veg.... who needs a car :p
  3. I ride to cricket with all my pads and bat, strapped to my back! I must look like a queer in my white pants!!!
  4. if you wear your box while riding, it doesnt count as squidding :LOL:
  5. Across trunk + backpack = 1 trip FTW.
  6. It's fun, hey? :grin:

    Welcome to the wonderful world of bikes!
  7. :rofl:.
  8. Yes, riding is "teh shit"
  9. What if I'm only wearing my box??

    (I wear jacket gloves and boots though)

  10. Haaaahaha I must say I haven't tried that :LOL: So do you wear your cricket helmet instead as well? :grin:
  11. At the start I didnt see the difference in riding from driving(but i dont really drive that often). Until I start to try out a few things and found that it was starting to get addictive. I then rode my bike almost everywhere (unless i know im gonna start drinking).

    At the start I'd only had my back pack for storage and it wasnt much. I can only fit like 2 large bags of chips and some chocolate thats all. In the end I manage to find what looked like touring bags that I can tie on to my rack(fits perfectly too). So I bought two(they were $5 each I might add). I did a shopping trip the other day and found I can fit:Bread,3lts of milk,2lt of juice,2cans of dog food,2 large packets of chips and I still have space left.....
  12. Ah, the shopping list of a bachelor. :p

    All class!