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i'm hooked

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by MH01, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. Hi all, just got my license 2-3 weeks ago and have been on my every day since!! needless to say i'm hooked!
    I'm not new to the roads, had my other license going on 12 years but sold
    my Subaru impreza 3 months ago to finance a house. With only a work truck to get around in I NEEDED to find a way to escape on the weekends and i gotta tell you, my little honda VTR is doing the trick nicely :wink: until I can get my butt onto a ducati monster that is!!
    So if anyone out there sees me pretending to be a motorcyclist in the Coffs Harbour area :) be gentle! :shock: :grin:

  2. Welcome MH to NR.

    Excellent choice in bike and possible upgrade. That is exactly what I wil lbe doing whe nthe time comes around.
  3. cheers cambo, the local V twins dealer is just around the corner from my work and i've been eyeing off one of the guys Monster S4R with drool running down the corner of my mouth for months!!

    yessir, as soon as that size restriction is gone it's all going to be "come to pappy, darlin'!" :grin:

    the VTR250 is the closest (looking) 250 I could find!! :LOL:

  4. Hey Matt, I'm looking at the s2r1000 when my restrictions are up. I call my VTR250 the baby monster.
  5. Glad you're hooked (fellow addict).

    About the time you feel invincible, is the time to back off a little bit and wait for the experience to kick in before you overdo it.

    There is always next week, unless you overdo it!
  6. :grin: trust me, I know what it feels like to be on the edge on two wheels, MTB trials riding will do that :grin: and i'm not going anywhere near that point! :shock:

    The old boy had a few close calls in his younger days on his CB750. I am constantly reminded by dear old mumsy every time i talk to her about ..." the time your father lost control on loose gravel on a corner and almost slid under a mac truck!" :shock:
  7. NEVER ride when you're pretty angry...

    Last night i had a huge argument with my mum over something, went out for a ride to calm down and came into a corner I go through every time i leave the house way too fast and with too little concentration, apon exiting the turn i was on the wrong side of the road. luckily there was no traffic coming the other way.
  8. Welcome, no cars on a MTB trrack! :grin: