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I'm here for the posties!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Cletusthepostie, Sep 12, 2016.

  1. I've come to Netrider mostly to read more about anything Postie related as I have one.

    Particularly, who the hell in Sydney's eastern suburbs and city area is willing to service a postie? I know a lot of folks do their own maintenance but I don't really have the space/time/tools for it.

    I have found it pretty difficult to find a good mechanic so far.

    Current issue: down shifter stuck in first :(
  2. Welcome to the forum, the posties have a following. Can't help you for contacts in NSW, some of the locals may be along to offer some tips There is the Postie Bike Club of Australia, you may be able to get some info on sympathetic mechanics from them.
  3. Welcome to the forum mate
  4. welcome CletusthepostieCletusthepostie

    There's just something about postie bikes that really have a following and they're everywhere... well... mostly round suburbs ;)
    Have a good look around and maybe you'll get some good info from the other NR peeps here.
    I thought all mechanics serviced posties? Excuse my ignorance but are they special or something that they wont help you?
  5. Welcome mate :cool:

    Used to own a postie, awesome bike!

    My brother has worked on a few posties and is currently debating whether to refurbish another one. Unfortunately he lives in the Hunter Valley... so really I'm not being helpful, sorry :(