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IM having trouble getting a RWC for my bike

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Daggz, Feb 22, 2006.

  1. Hey guys , i need a RWC for my bike to come from tassie to victoria.
    Its a yamaha xvs1100 custom.
    The bike is very customised as it is more a show bike then a road bike.

    Does anyone here know of any shops or have a testers licence that would be happy to help me out.

    i can offer some free advertising at shows and things. The bike won best jap cruiser at tasmanias hot rod and custom show 2004 and it is fully intended to enter more shows and competitions.


  2. What trouble are you having?

    You'll be lucky to find someone that will give a dodge RWC, since your bike will need to be taken to a VicRoads office for an inspection and if they notice something that shouldn't have passed RWC, the RWC issuer can potentially lose their right to issue RWC and other complications.
  3. Daggz, when we put our old Duke back on the road, we went to Johnson Cycle Tune in South Melbourne. 149 Market Street, South Melbourne 3205 (03) 9699 1717. Not far from the Spirit of Tasmania. Greg is a great guy, used to race Formula 750 internationally and likes a bit of a chat, he still races post classic and is very speedy. You might try him, however I think he would want money to do it!

    Oh and welcome.
  4. hey Daggz :)

    are you still having trouble with the rwc?

    that bike is in mint condition, I cant imagine why