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I'm having to redo my L's

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by chickibabe, Jun 26, 2006.

  1. Hi there everyone, well I will not be getting my P's next month, so I'm having to redo the L's course. Not happy about it but not much I can do about it. I have not been on my bike for about 6 weeks now it is in getting fixed with the problem that I posted about so I have not had alot of practise so I don't feel that I will pass the course for P's.

    And hubby just does not have time to get out with me so have to get used to riding by myself If he will let me. :roll:

    I would have had my bike back by now but the guy that is fixing it was out riding 2 weeks ago with a mate and his mate had a accident and died, My thoughts go out to his family for there loss.

    So anyway booked in for the 11th of July, then I'll start all over again :grin: can not wait. It is to bloody scary on the back with hubby :LOL: .
    Well wish me luck and I hope to see some of you out there soon.

    Keep safe everyone.
  2. That's okay... at least you didn't fail it or anything. My ex did and she was kicking herself over it....
  3. If you do the P test and fail, you only have to do the test again, rather than the whole course. And it's only $45 to do the test versus the $105 for the entire course.
  4. hey chickbabe- I'd never ridden a bike before I did my l's test (this is in vic though...), passed ok, didn't ride for 3 months (no bike!), booked in for p's test and past no worries.

    I reckon the p's test is a fair bit easier then the l's, plus the instructors are pretty cool about people redoing it if they botch up from my experience.

    Could be worth a shot just going for it!
  5. If you're not feeling especially confident about it, why not pay for some one on one tuition for a couple of hours with one of the schools? You can do that here, and they'll basically prep you for the test anyway, and you'll get a bit of time in the saddle in any case.
  6. I did my L's with Stay Upright and they give you a free P's prep session before you book in for the test. Basically a tuition session with 6 riders and an instructor for a couple of hours going thru all the things you need to do in the P's test. Was invaluable for the nerves. Went to the test with much confidence of passing as I had practiced the whole thing.
  7. I did my L's and P's back to back, well 2 weeks apart, no motorbike riding experience except for the riding back in my late teens. I managed to pass OK.

    I did to a pre-p's course with Stay Upright which helped, mainly with the confidence, and knowing what to expect.

    I'd say if your balance on the bike is good, then give it a go doing your P's, even if you don't pass the first time, it will give you experience for the next and point out where you need to improve to pass.

    Otherwise it will be quite a while before you can upgrade to that bike you know you really want :LOL:
  8. +1.

    This is a better choice. And while waiting for the next P test, you can gain more practice.

    As been said before, Stay Upright lets you practice first on the course before the actual P test.

    Who knows this may be all the practice you need to pass the P test.
  9. don't you have to wait 3 months in NSW between L's and P's... so many differences between states, why can't they just make the rules uniform across the country... :?
  10. Coz they'd probably pick Victoria's dumb ass laws to apply to everyone :LOL:
  11. Sydney P's test is much harder than Vic it includes U turns firgure 8's cones & a road test! & yes most states now have a 3mth min on L's before you can attempt the P's course! At least if you fail the P's you can still ride home on your L's. When are you L's due to expire?
  12. Hey if we have to put up with them why shouldn't everyone else :twisted:
    Good... I wish both the L's and P's testing in Vic was tougher!! I've heard of people crashing their bike 5-6 times in practice before doing the test and keeping it upright during the test and passing their L's/P's... I really hope I don't come across them on the roads!!

    I've said many times, the Vic tests should be done at more realistic speeds and conditions... already another thread about that so I won't harp on about it...
  13. I was told about this as im over 30 ect and if i didn't want to buy a LAMS bike and go straight to my P's.{open licence}

    They teach you the course and how to do all the tests parts.
    From what i remember it was about $100 ish and alot of one on one training.
    If your not 100% confident anyway ,you learn so much from the P's test day ,it would be worth the $100 anyway from the PRE p's training ,if your hubby is to busy to teach you.
    If you do this and ,they say your ok for the P's Test now ,you can change your booking from L's to P's ....IF you can get a opening before your L's runs out ,i rang 10 times and got a cancelation 4 days before the test.
    And 1 day before my L's run out of date.
  14. Hay how do you know what bike I REALLY WANT :LOL: . My L's run out late july (I think) But it is fitting the P's test in with work and kids that is making it hard. I only have to hold L's for 1 week, and when I pass P's I go on unrestricted. And with getting one on one no chance until late september I think they said.
    And I am having problem's with those u turns and cone weaves. Hubby did try one thing with me for cone weave he sat his $800 helmet in the middle of road and said miss it. All I could say to him your a bloody idiot :LOL: , I'm sure he just wants a new one.

    That is going to be the fun part if my bike is ready in time I can ride to there and home :LOL:

    Everyone has said you'll be right just go for your P's , but I think it is just not knowing what to expect or FAIL. I dont like that word :LOL:
    Cheers Lou
  15. Hi Chickbabe,

    Me too.. My L's run out in early September so whilst waiting for my bike to be fixed I am running out of time. I am quite looking forward to doing them again, knowing I will be a bit more experienced this time. It was fairly nerve racking the first time! I think I will get more out of it and feel heaps more confident.. and yeah how cool will it be riding to and from the L's test! Now just waiting on my tank to be fixed.....

  16. Can't you just renew your Ls? I know in Vic you can renew them once and when that period runs out you must sit them again.
  17. Yeah you can be on your L's for 3years in Vic... also can renew your L's even if they expire by a couple of years but I can't remember the exact amount of time that your L's can expire before you can't renew them and you have to redo the L's course :?
  18. No ,in NSW once they run out ,you have to do your L's again.
    TIP for newbies looking to get there L's or on there L's allready.

    BOOK your test early like 3 months in advance ,if your not ready ,you can call 7 days in before the test and put it back.
    With the waiting list getting longer ,you can run out of time ,like i almost did ,and would of had to wait 3 weeks to get my L's again and start all over.
  19. i have to book mine soon , don't know if i should buy a new bike now or after or use the postie as its small and easy but only goes 60km bad for road test , and i dont know if it will affect my licence
  20. Can't you just use their bikes to do the test?? :?
    I didn't use my own bike in my L's or P's test, was having too much fun using their CB250's at HART and peg scraping all day :LOL:

    As for buying a new bike, unless you're planning on keeping it well beyond your L's I'd recommend you buy a second hand bike as your first bike... plenty of threads on here about buying a new bike for your first...