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IM gonna be a Medic Marshall @ MotoGP :)

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by f4ibike, Sep 3, 2008.

  1. yippee i will be part of the medic team for the 2008 motoGP. so excited.
    cant wait to help stoner up from his crash!!! :shock:

  2. Surely you'd rather rip Randy from his leathers?
  3. But by current form Stoner is the more likely recipient of Marissa’s tender touch.
    Looking at his current form you want to be on a high speed right hander (though I reckon over lukey is where he’ll throw it away)
  4. Congrats, hopefully you don`t have to attend anyone!

  5. Yeah, cos Randy NEVER crashes... :shock:
  6. can i ask what qualifications you need to get into this gig?
  7. i am a registered nurse by profession, but on medic team have to be a doctor, paramedic, radiographer or other health professional. :grin:
  8. Will they have to build your overalls to get them over your chest???

    Congrats Riss,

    I'll be there too, Pit & Paddock security ;)

  9. Ah NO. :grin:

    According to the latest crash statistics (reported in another forum - looking for link) Randy De Puniet has crashed 36 times this year in races, practice and tests. Stoner (and the entire GP field) were well behind.

  10. When Stacey bins it, and he will, can you grab me a piece of fairing and kick him in the ribs? Cheers. :grin:

    Congrats on the gig.
  11. Pretty sure they'll take first aiders as well as there have been a few non medical professionals on the team over the years (I even got asked to drive an FIV a few years ago). There's a reasonable turn over of medics as standing out in the weather isn't every ones cup of tea and not everyone can sit in a car like they do at the smaller events (there's something like 70 in the Medical team at the GP's but only around 10 at an ASC round).

    They pair up the first aiders with a Para, Doc or Nurse for obvious reasons.

    Be ready for the weather that PI can throw up at you as you cant leave your post just because it's raining or getting cold or (unlikely in October) hot.

    I'm sure you'll look pretty in those daggy green overalls they hand out (which you have to return at the end of the weekend by the way).
  12. pvda- everything you have told me i am aware of- i have been down to island 7 years in a row already-- cheers for the comments-- why wouldi want to keep the overalls ? :LOL: :LOL: :shock:
  13. You'd be surprised what people try to keep (or steal) from events.

    I've got all my old overalls stowed away from the Adelaide GP era but am still using the same pair for Albert Park since 1996 seeing the GP Corp are too tight to buy us new ones after 13 years.

    I've also kept nearly every admission pass or credential and tabbard (bib) I've been given since I started marshalling in 1985.
  14. Congrats mate !!
    You'd be stoked :grin:
    Let's hope the only medical attention needed there be minor ones :wink:
  15. Hmmm.... I wonder if that makes my old man a thief??? he's kept quite few of the green overalls all the way from when the Grand Prix was in Adelaide. He loves motor-medicine (he even got his hat signed by Aerton Senna) and Dougz and I are trying to convince him to sign up for the bikes as well - because at least then he'll have something interesting to watch! (and we'll probably get free tickets as well :grin: )
  16. Ayrton Senna Da Silva ;)

    Looks like it's little Bruno's turn to make world headlines ;)
  17. Pronounced Ay-Air-ton..........