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I'm going to have a whinge

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Tiga, Sep 14, 2006.

  1. So it hasn't been a great week week for me......

    I go to change the battery in the RS250 tonight and have one of those "oh shit" moments. My pride and joy the 675 is no longer there :cry:

    Jason's R1 has also gone. :cry:

    Thing is I feel bad for getting a bit stessed about the bike going because my mum called me this morning and my grandpa is on his death bed. Kind of puts it all into perspective.

    Anyway, if anyone sees a red daytona 675 in a situation that is a bit suss or if you hear of some 675 parts going too cheap please get in touch or just call my local police station on 96507077. Can't be too many around..... though I don't hold out much hope.
  2. fcuk!

    That is so awful for you, what a crappy crappy thing to happen.

    I know how important that bike was to you and Jasons R1 too.

    I am very sorry to hear about your grandpa, in comparison to personal loss, material loss is so insignificant, however the timing is not the best.
  3. ouch that must hurt. sorry to hear bout your pa, but it isnt good when bikes go missing
  4. Sorry to hear that - hopefully karma gives the assholes a good kick up the ass - fingers crossed
  5. You poor thing. I cant imagine how s*** you must feel. But like you said it does put things into perspective, theres more important things to worry about.

    Good luck with your loved one and i hope that thieving mongrel is found (and the bike aswell).
  6. aaaargh thats just shite...both stunners but you can replace metal.. sorry bout ur pa
  7. Sorry to hear this week has been such a shit for you :(

    Chin up hunny :)
  8. bloody :jerk: 's

    i dont deal with that crap well.

    i wish you the best you poor thing :(
  9. Sorry to hear it, I hope the bikes were insured.

    I lost my Grandma two weeks ago and am still coming to grips with it. On the way back from her funeral the motor in my car blew. Really I couldn't care less.
  10. Oh shit, that really sucks. Although bikes aren't as important as a loved one, they represent an amazing feeling and thing to enjoy life. I'll keep an eye out for you. Beautiful bikes...
  11. sorry to hear about your pa
    i remember asking you about ur ride and you were beaming telling me about it
    hope they catch the mongrols
  12. Nooooooooooooooooooooo!

    That's must be just the most awful feeling. Insured I hope?

    In the big picture though, it's only a bike, I hope your Grandpa gets better.
  13. Really sorry to hear about your grandpa. Hope you pull through and things pan out
  14. sorry to hear about your week Kath,
    time to pour yourself a nice single malt.
  15. What cejay said, words are not enough.....
    sorry about the bikes too..
  16. That sucks. You sure do know how to have a shitty week. :cry:

    Sorry to hear about your Grandpa. That's very sad. Mind you, you still have every right and reason to be stressed about the bikes. :cry:

    Perhaps it'll help to post up rego/vin numbers and a description of any distinguishing marks on each bike. Being GP weekend there's likely to be heaps of each model around so it'd be nice to be sure we've identified it correctly if we see it. :)

    I do hope things turn around for you Katherine.
  17. Tiga, that just totally sucks on so many levels.

    Sorry to hear about your granpa and your bikes.

    Sending you big warm supportive thoughts and vibes.

    Feel free to whinge some more... you've earned it.

    +1 wot Seany said.
  18. Sorry 2 here about your Pa mate.

    As for the bikes, phucking ass holes, a thousand poxes on them.
  19. So sorry to hear about your grandpa, my sympathies and best wishes to you and yours.
    As for the bike thieves may the fleas of a thousand camels infest their pubes.
    that sux bad.
  20. Tiga, real sorry to hear about your Grandpa, and may Karma take care of the other bastards ..