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I'm going to buy a CBR125r unless you tell me not too....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by amelia_eve, Oct 23, 2007.

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  1. Hey,

    I'm thinking about buying my first bike. Many reasons...anyhow I went and looked at the Honda CBR125, and it was really gorgeous! Apparently lightest on the market for a street/sports bike...

    I am not very tall (159 cm), and petite and I struggled to hold the thing up to start off with. So I am thinking I won't be able to handle a bigger bike.

    People are telling me it's might be a little chug chug slow! I am not after anything too scary fast though...

    Any thoughts or opinions of a 125 vs and 250 for me? :idea: :?: :wink:
  2. Better than a scooter! :grin:

    I say, if you like it and it's comfy to ride: go for it :)
  3. a friend has one, and says its great, except you are on the throttle stop all time. not ideal...
  4. Really depends on the type of riding you want to do and how long you want to keep the bike for? But for the restricted period of your riding life and for commuting etc, the CBR125R is awesome!! Can't recomend it enough.
  5. They're about the tiniest thing out there right now... Although Yamaha's YZF-R125 is possibly coming soon with a bit more power.

    In a 125cc 4-stroke, "scary fast" isn't going to be a problem. Scary slow might be - especially if you need to get out of trouble in traffic.

    I'd recommend you find a short-arse used 250 you can drop on the ground a dozen times while you work out how to keep the rubber side down, and not be ruining a brand new paint job.

    That said, I don't think there's anything intrinsically wrong with the baby babyblade (does that make it a spermyblade?) - and it's certainly cheap - so if you *must* buy and bugger up a new bike, it's probably not a bad choice.
  6. i think they are good bikes to learn on
    but remember they are slow... well with me on them they were :LOL:
    top speed of 120km and thats going down a hill lol
    and totally reving the bike....
    for commuting 10-20km a day its fine but if u want hwy use i dont think you should get it
    IMO save and get a 250 vtr... you wont regret it
  7. If its for slow riding (never plan to go over 70), theres absolutely nothing wrong with it. In fact its alot better off than alot of other bikes in slow inner city riding - very narrow, light clutch, light bike, agile.
  8. New member, first post, dont forget to introduce your self in the welcome lounge :)

    For what I think the 250's are pretty slow already not to mention a 125. But you mentioned you knew already. For a first bike everything will seem fast until you get used to it. As when I got my 250, I was really quite scared to go more than half throtle. After a month or too I found that I'm starting to get used to it. I was going faster and starting to reach the throtle stop. Now it's every trip that I'll reach it unless a short squrt around the corner...

    I think it should be fine for a first bike if you think you cant handle the weight. Also if you're getting a new bike as you're first bike I'm pretty sure you'll drop it(like me and most other people who drop their first bikes). Have you also looked/tried other bikes? It might help in choosing you're first bike since you know what you'll be looking compaired to other bikes. I sugest that you have a look at 250's as well, see how they feel.

    I just woke up cant think of anything else. Hoped I helped abit...
  9. how petite we talking here? pics? asl? etc

    get a cbr250, youll pick it up cheaper and theyre pretty small amongst the 250s. my bike is extremely small and i still found the cbr250 small-ish

    alternatively, get an rs125, theyre small too
  10. If it sparks your plug...!

    I had a 110cc bike of much less performance for my first three years and I loved it. 'Slow' is a pretty relative term. It depends a lot on what sort of riding you want to do. Just around town for a while? -then it's good. Country trips with freeways and highways, wouldn't hurt to have a more powerful bike, but then again I don't know how well this performs. Top speed's not the only thing to consider here, it matters a lot whether it has power to get quickly out of that guy's blind spot and to accelerate away from that blind lane-changing moron at 100km/hr. Also consider how your friends ride - if they ride in the country a lot, you're probably going to want to join them once your confidence is up.
  11. I think you'd be smart to at least sit on a VTR 250 before making a final decision. It will actually be more expensive secondhand than a new CBR 125, but it's far more and better bike for your money. But in the final analysis, whatever gets another lady rider on the road is a good thing!
  12. Thanks so much so far!

    Hey guys,

    wow, what a wealth of knowledge! Thanks for all your posts so far...

    hmmm dropping a nice new bike not sounding like fun...maybe I should be looking at something more used.

    In terms of riding, well I don't know - probably just small trips at this stage.

  13. if your less than 55kg, iguess why not :grin:
  14. yes - less and I'm not tough and strong...

    But Danielle said I will get used to holding up a bike!?
  15. i think 125 would fit well. just use it around the city, and on suburban area. it would be good. bike is heavy when it is dropped :LOL:
  16. FoetalBlade
  17. Yeah I was being indecisive about the 125r and 250rr at one point. Actually before this I pretty much set my mind on the 250rr because I'm pretty sure I'd be riding up the highway every now and then.

    My boyfriend (who is very against me riding bikes) said he reckoned I should get the 125 because
    1) less power = less speed = less worries for him of me crashing :p
    2) same price/cheaper than a second hand 250rr
    3) the fact that it's new = no problems compared to a second hand bike
    4) comes with 1 year warranty

    He does have some fair points but IMHO, I'd much rather go for a second hand bike, because I know I'm gonna screw it up one way or another as my first bike, that way I won't feel so bad thrashing the new bike :p Yes the price is a bugger but if you wanna be a motorcyclist you'll have to spend money anyways.

    But as for me, I've already did heaps of research so I'm pretty much set for the 250rr, sat on it once and I feel comfortable on it.

    At the end of the day I guess it really comes down to what you want and how you wanna ride the bike, like everybody else has said.

    My 2 cents :)
  18. Holding up a bike is basically all about balance, amelia_eve - it's not heavy unless you get it too far from an upright position when stopped, and when you're riding along you don't feel the weight at all. Hopefully you won't drop it, but if you do there's a right way to lift it (linked on this site somewhere) that should enable you to pick up most bikes fairly easily.

    In the final analysis it's about what makes you happy and comfortable though.
  19. Just BTW, I haven't ridden the 125R, but I've ridden a lot of CBR250RRs and they're not what I'd consider a good learner bike.

    Peaky power, revvy, race crouch riding position and poor slow-speed handling make it a tough bike to gain confidence on. That said, they do look like race bikes which is why all the ginos buy them (These guys would definately have ridden CBR250RRs on their Ls), and experienced riders will enjoy their power and good quick-speed handling in the twisties and at the racetrack.

    I get a bit like a broken record when people want to know what the best learner bike is...


  20. NB what I said about power; every experienced rider would disagree with him (his is an all too common major misperception among non-riders).