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I'm going to be sorry I did this, but...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by rc36, Jul 4, 2005.

  1. At Christmastime when my mates and I were doing our Victorian tour, I got separated from the group when we stopped for fuel at Lavers Hill. It was bucketing down rain and somehow I missed a signpost because, instead of continuing along the GOR I eneded up on this ghastly little back road and 12 kms of appalling gravel, all cut up by the rain.

    Eventually I found my way out the other end and was MILES inland from the GOR on this glorious stretch of road that wond down the mountain through a whole series of twisties and came out just west of Lorne.

    I've done the GOR several times and from west to east as we were doing it that day, and I've played it over in my mind often and I still can't figure out HOW I got off the GOR and onto that little backroad!.
  2. Haaaa Haaaa. I used to live there mate.

    You went through Weeaproinah, highest rainfall in Victoria, and then towards Beech Forest. Great pub there. Cliff Youngs farm on corner before the turn into Beech Forest.

    I am having trouble remembering the name of the hamlet on the road straight through just past the big cypress hedge near the corner but it would lead into Colac if you went north far enough.
    The Beech Forest road is one of the greatest scenic roads but not good for bikes. The area is Geelong's water supply catchment.

    You probably went through Forest and took the Lorne track. That was the track where the Telecom bloke got burnt in the bad fires they had there.

    Great for looking but not good on plain road bikes.

    It is beautiful Country.

  3. NOT good on plain road bikes, I assure you. Mind you, after enduring the pounding, the twisties at the end and the magnificent view sorta compensated!
  4. Sounds like you found the inland route that goes through the Otways np region, beautiful area and some nice roads, lot of dirt ones though.
  5. I had a toy 4x4 and used to trave those roads a lot, with work as well. You want to avoid it if it gets wet. Some of the gullies are steep and slippery.

    Best forest country around though.

    There is a road from Beech Forest called the Old Bay Road. It goes through some of the best country we have. There is a stand of those yankee redwood trees there, about 200' tall (or so it seems. )
    There iaresome beautiful falls and you go through lots of fir tree plantations (if they are still there) Trouble is you need a 4x4 or a chook chaser. In winter mud is up to running boards.

    When I lived there we used to have 3 double brandies and beer chasers in the Beech Forest pub and then drive like hell to get down the hills before it hit you in the cold weather.

    Old Les in the backery was 86 at the time and he made the best pies.

    If you go from Colac to Apollo Bay you will ride a fabulous road. Try it.

  6. I would have guesses that you went back thru Beech Forest and went straight ahead onto Turtons track. It's not a bad track, I've done it a number of times on road bikes, it's a lovely way to go. That then takes you back to the GO road at Skenes Ck, if you ended up further East than that, then you did a really good job of getting lost.

    Get a map, you'll work it out, there's more roads in the Otways than the GOroad.