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I'm going to be a dad

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Wolfmother, Aug 21, 2009.

  1. Great news, the missus is pregnant. This will be our first kid, dont know the sex of it untill it is born (will let it be a surprise).
    This is great news as the doctors said she could not get pregnant. Now they say at 14weeks there is only a 1% chance of any problems.
    We are so excited. The only down side is the missus wont be able to fit into her bike gear soon. But it is a sacrafice she is willing to make.
    So around January 10thish we will all know if itis a girl or a boy.
    Tell you what it has been hard to wipe the smile from face lately.

  2. Congratulations! Hope everythng runs smoothly

    Get in as much sleep, sex and riding now while you still can cause in 9 months time you won't be doing much of any of them lol
  3. :LOL:

    cant say i have any experience in the kid department (which i think it fair enough at 19 :p )

    but congratulations :)
  4. Swweeeett!

    Your very own pet human!!


  5. Cheers all, it will be great to have my very own "Mini Me". When the missus finnishes her maternity leave l will take a year off from work to look after the youngun.
  6. Wolfmother
    When the missus finnishes her maternity leave l will take a year off from work to look after the youngun.

    Tried that too, lasted a month....
    I'm due to become a pop in late october, going bush for work from mid october for six weeks ':grin:'
  7. babies are cool
    love mine and the missus
    still get to ride too
    life is good
  8. that baby is gona be heaps happy when they realise there is no milk behind your nipples. something i have stored away for baby time is that babies have no concept of patience or modesty, if they want milk, they want it now and the fact that mummy is wearing clothes doesnt bother them in the slightest.
  9. Congrats :grin: All the best to you both. As was said earlier get all the fun stuff in now because the first year its all about them lol
  10. hehe wolfmother to become wolffather.
    Congrats on the cub :grin:
  11. Summer baby; crank up the air-con, she'll need it :LOL:

    Congrats, of course. Having recently become a grandfather, I can recommend any sort of parenthood as a unique joy!!
  12. Grats it defiantly makes things interesting.
    Riding will be even more attractive so you have a break.
    Go to work, come home and work, go to bed get up to work, go to work.
  13. The first 3 months is the most difficult, once they sleep through the night...heaven!!!

    My little girl has hit the terrible two's early...and no it's not a myth!, favourite word at the moment "NO" (just like her mum!!!)
  14. congratulations mate, enjoy every moment :grin:
  15. wow, congrats on the news, sounds like something you both really wanted to happen

    cheers stewy
  16. congrats champ, congrats, ivf or el natural?
  17. Congrats to you & the Missus

    Don't even try to stop smiling :grin: is such great news, Wolf

    Keep us up to date - may need to print up some NR baby bibs :LOL:

  18. HUGE congrats to you and your other half, having a kid is the best thing that has ever happened in my life and I am sure it will be the same for you too, like others have said get plenty of sleep while you still can.
  19. Done the old fassion way Goz :grin: .
    I always walk around with a big dumb grin on my face, its just a little bigger now.
  20. Is hard to tell from your avatar :LOL: