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I'm going insane!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by I Adore Vic, Sep 11, 2007.

  1. Can't find my house keys anywhere! Anywhere!!!

    I had them in my hand earlier today and now I can't remember where I put them. I've looked everywhere. Even the rubbish bin in the hope I accidentally threw them in there with some rubbish. But nope - no keys.

    I've spent the whole day cleaning the house up - except for my bedroom which is where I've thrown everything, so I went in there hoping I'd thrown the keys in there as well, and I've gone through everything in there and nope. No keys.

    I've checked my pockets. I've even checked pockets of clothes I haven't even worn today, just out of desperation.

    I've looked in the same places twice..three times...I looked in the washing machine thinking I perhaps dropped tehm in there with some washing, but nope. No keys.

    I've looked everywhere.

    I went and sat down and forgot about it for a while in the hope I'd all of a sudden remember where they were - this has worked for me other times wth the tv remote, car/bike keys, and other little things that like to get lost. No memory though. I try to remember what I did with the damn keys and all I get is blur. :roll: :LOL:

    Grr...I hate it when this happens. :evil: :LOL:
  2. Anyone know hypnotherapy??? :LOL: I need those keys!
  3. I don't suppose they're in the cuffs of your trousers???
  4. Front door!

    That's where mine always are. (That's great mate, announce over the internet where your house, car and motorbike keys usually are)
  5. Nope. Not there. I had them in my hand whilst upstairs as I was going to take them downstairs to unlock the backdoor so I could hang the washing out, but then I went downstairs to do something else and I realised I'd left the keys upstairs. Did a 'doh' and thought I'd get them later. Since then they have mysteriously disappeared. :LOL:
  6. I did the exact same thing with my mobile phone last night :p I knew I brought it home, I just couldn't figure out where it ended up. In the end I gave up and went to bed, figuring I could just call it in the morning and ask it where it was (turned up under a shirt on a pile of pillows - try looking there).
  7. We're more likely to remember things when we're in the same state of mind as when we learnt it/ it happened. Were you drunk at the time? Calm? Annoyed? Try to get yourself in the same mindset, retrace your steps... and maybe ask your daughters :wink:
  8. Easy solution: Keys are metal, and metal doesn't burn. So all you need to do is set fire to the house and burn it to the ground. Then it's just a simple case of sifting the ashes to find the keys. :LOL:.
  9. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: +9 for effort +1 for roasting marshmallows...

    +10 :wink:

  10. It's a great excuse to get pissed anyway.

    I always find them in a spot im sure I've already checked, but actually didnt because I was too flustered at the time.

    Always check the clothes you wore yesterday.... rummage through the washing.

    Check under the pillows on your bed (if you throw them on the bed they may slide under there).

    Any flat surface you will have walked past on the way through the house is also fair game.
  11. :rofl: jd. I'm not going that insane. Speaking of metal, it's a pity I don't have a metal detector. haha.

    I've done the reenactment a few times to no avail. Just gonna leave it for a few hrs (when I'm a bit more chilled otu about the mysterious disappearance :LOL: ) and hopefully I'll remember where they are. If not, I'll have to pull the house apart again to look for them.

    That'll teach me for doing a major clean up!

    Nicarus - I wish I could ring my keys up...the girls reckon I need a key finder on them. Bit late for that now hey!
  12. I share your pain!!

    Apparently a prayer to St Jude helps...

  13. man i have this sure fire way of finding my keys when I need them the most... well i go out shopping on the bike, in teh pouring rain and over load myself with crap i don't need but tastes good...

    then when I get home and stand in the rain fumbeling with my back pack I get a vision and a memory of the door closing and the keys are on the bench with my mobile...
  14. This may seem real stupid but I have done this before and found them in the fridge :LOL: trust me its worth a look. Good luck hope you find them soon, how frustrating.
  15. ^ :LOL: So are you suggesting I lock the house up, go for a ride to the supermarket, buy heaps of yummy junk food and come home and I should automatically remember where the keys are? It's tempting Wardie...very tempting... :LOL:

    rob - prayer said! I forgot about St Jude!
  16. lol...funtimes...I've already looked in the fridge! I even checked the vege draw cos I put some broccoli in there earlier today. :LOL:

    I should add I've checked the pantry as well. And the microwave. :oops: And the dishwasher utensil rack...and my sidi boots :LOL:
  17. Well I can't speak for your keys exactly, but if I was a pair of keys and I wanted to really annoy you, I'd be on the VTR's fuel-tank scratching it.

    Or Sam ate them...
  18. Just to make you feel better..

    A few months ago I was up at the central coast for a weekend. Sunday morning I get it, its time to get home as the friend who drove (I rode) wanted to go back and we were going to go together. Just a minute I need to find my keys I say, going through my jacket pocket where I left them. Oh noes.. where are they?

    Spent half an hour running frantically around (because my friend had to get to dance and HAD to leave really soon.. and if she left without me finding the keys I had no way home..) So I decide to just drive back with her, leaving the bike up there. I get home, get the spare key (woo for spares) about to leave with a friend back up there, only for mum to come up to me with the keys that I'd lost... :( They were stuck inside the jacket, in the liner ..!!!!

    Feel stupid moment..

    You will find them eventually.
  19. Rosie you don't need an excuse if you're going insane, so stop with the story and just admit you are going insane for no good reason. :p