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I'm Goin' to Brisvegas!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Iffracem, Nov 8, 2006.

  1. Yup, the iffracem family and I have decided that we need to head to north island, before that second head starts s to grow.

    So today I told my boss that he should seriously consider a life as an hermaphrodite
    that is to say... he should go screw himself. Amazingly satisfying experience, I thoroughly recommend everyone does it at least once in their life :cool: (that is, telling your boss to screw themselves, not ACTUALLY screwing yourself....)

    Anyway, Last day at this place of work is 12 Dec, first day of appearing at the next place of work, sometime between 2-14 Jan '07
    On the evening of 27 Dec, I'll be partaking of gentile accommodations with the esteemed Gromit family. Then heading up to BrisVegas in a generally meandering fashion, arriving at a friends place around the 2nd... ish

    You see my new employer has said they'll PAY me from the 1st of Jan, but I don't have to show till around the 12-14th. :shock: Yep.. around two weeks PAID leave BEFORE I even start \:D/ . Oh yeah, an extra 200 bucks a week to help with rental till I find a place to buy, AND a guaranteed 3.5-4% pay rise every year for the first 5 years.. :roses: YYYEEEEHAAAA!!!

    Sorry, I'll calm down now.....

    What I'd like to know, are there any netriders out there, in the general area between Smelbourne and Brisvegas, who would endure a visit by yours truly O:) ?
    Hornet! Hornet!! Put your hand up!!


    Or at least let me know some goodly roads to travel from Smellbourne to BrisVegas as I'll be riding the trusty cat all the way up, flying down later to coral the family and cars when I get a house, and the house here sells

    oooo, I'm excited......

    Also sad to leave the verry verry VERY good friends I've met in Tassie.

  2. Care to give a hint as to where in Brisvegas you'll be working / living?Would like to catch up for a ride too once you've settled.

    Maybe a few others up here could get together for a welcome ride up Glorious?
  3. Welcome here at any hour of day or night, JJ, pm me for the address, we have a spare double bed and a spare 3/4 bed at least.....
    And if you new boss has got another vacancy.....
  4. I'll give you a ring tomorrow Hornet.
    Sadly no other jobs I know of there, but certainly keep a look out for you. You got training quals? cert IV level? They might be in the market later in the year.

    Might see if your Brother would like a visit, I'd certainly want to catchup with him if possible.

    I don't need places to stay, but will certainly accept your kind offer, I'd just like to meet up with as many people as possible on the way through.

  5. gahn git ya bloody piker
  6. sorry smack... sniff sniff....

    But you'll only piss orf back to Smogbourne one day anyway, you're just sh1tty I moved first :cheeky:
  7. Iffracem, why on earth would you want to leave the best roads in Australia and go to Brisbane :eek:

    You ask for roads to travel. Following are some we did late October on the way to Noosa. They were all good and we tried to avoid the Pacific like the Plague!! It is hideous, the roadwork zones are disgusting. Doing 40kmh for what seemed like 40kms on Yellow isn't fun - in fact it hurts - a lot.

    Day 1 - Melbourne to Yea on to Whitfield then across to Bright - Yes it rained on all the best bits and they are extremely good in the dry - bugger.

    Day 2 Bright to Wagga. Leaving Bright do the Tawonga Gap then on to the Kiewa Valley Highway. Turn off this (right) at Tangambalanga and head towards Tallangatta on the Murray Valley Highway - tricky intersection at Murray Valley Highway end. Passing Tallangatta a few ks turn left onto the Georges Creek Road (good stuff) towards Granya we then proceeded onto Jingellic (decided that NSW roads were awful and headed to Tintaldra then on to Tumbarumba (this confirmed that NSW roads are dreadful) and then Adelong and on to Wagga (I wouldn't bother going there, but we had friends to see).

    Day 3 Wagga to Black Heath (Blue Mountains). This was not wonderful as it involved the Olympic Highway (not as bad as it was). Victoria Pass was a nightmare, sleet, 5 degrees and 25 metres visibility.

    Day 4 Had been going to do Wiseman's Ferry (this was why we were in the Blue Mountains) but it was going to be raining on the coast). So headed for Lithgow and turned right on to the Bells Line of Roads, this would be fun in the dry and then across from Currajong to the Putty which was - excellent! Stopped in Singleton then on to Dungog (bumpy) then Bucketts Way (which has greatly improved apart from a pathetic speed limit - roadworks) then on to Gloucester.

    Day 5 Gloucester - Sawtell. The famed Thunderbolts Way - bumpy at both ends but the middle - oh the middle!! At Walcha head towards Uralla and on to Armidale and then go to the Waterfall Way (Yippee!) We headed down to Sawtell. The bit down from Dorrigo deserves a special mention - am always fond of this bit.

    Day 6 Sawtell - Warwick. At Coffs Harbour take the back road to Coramba then onto Grafton. At Grafton head for Gwydir Highway (Glen Innes). Road looked shiny and non-grippy, but grip was just damn fine. Before Glen Innes take a joining road over to Deepwater - this looks fine but is not - extremely and I mean extremely bumpy - only 10kms (saves 54km or something) then on to Tenterfield on the New England - the speed limit would be good here. Deepwater cops don't have a sense of humour. But the Gwydir made it worth it. You might want to head back down to the coast before Warwick. The road from Tenterfield to Casino isn't too bad (long time since I did it, six years).

    From Warwick we went to via Esk, the Somerset Dam, Maleny and Nambour and Eumundi. All extremely good, although some touristy type traffic near Maleny was a bit of a nuisance.

    Other roads to consider (did these on the way home); the Sofola road near Bathurst - very lovely and we found some damn fine tarmac near Crookwell (on the way from Bathurst) with some lovely curvy bits and a surface like Phillip Island (interspersed with some not so damn fine gravel (a bit corrugated in parts) - spooked cows and one sheep jumping out in front of me from a bush made this an interesting adventure). In the past I have done Macquarie Pass and Kangaroo Valley (and if you are going to see Paul you may want to consider these, but as were avoiding big towns and highways we didn't go this way)

    Have fun and remember I am a Girl, I cannot read maps, I had to get out several for this and opened them all up upside down. Then tried to refold them which brought forth shrieks of rage from husband who hurried to remove them from me so he could fold them - properly.

    Cheers and I hope you have a lovely ride and a great time in Queensland!

    PS Cannot offer accommodation, much as would like to, as will be enduring Christmas elsewhere :roll:
  8. Thanks 748girl, that looks like a good route :grin:

    Well, If it was just me I'd probably stay based in Tas, but up around Devonport/Sheffield way.

    But the better half (way... WAY better!!) is struggling with pneumonia once or twice a year, knackered lungs due to asthma and a dad who smoked when she was a kid. Qld weather is far far kinder to her, always improves when she's up that way. Plus much better chances for the daughter to find work.

    Plus I got an offer that would be stoopid to miss.

    So the Pacific boreway hasn't changed much eh! :LOL: Never was much good. I remember the Putty from when I ws in the army at Singleton.. might be worth a ride :-k just for old times sake of course :wink:

    Tell Hubby that maps are made of paper for a reason.. they're a "single use" item... just like toilet paper :LOL: :LOL:
  9. I'm going to brisvegas

    :shock: :shock: :shock:
    What is it with you lot down here?? Do I smell...???? :? :shock:
    No wait, don't answer that..... :LOL: :LOL:

    No fine....go on.....leave......leave us here......... :cry:

    I'll miss you, you big son of a b...........
    Mondays at Joes won't be the same, but the new job sounds great, and it will make you happy, so I wish you every success. :grin:

    So when are we gonna get drunk..? :p :twisted: :LOL: