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I'm getting soft in my old age...

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Fybre, Nov 4, 2011.

  1. Went for a ride up old pac this afternoon.
    Heading back late in the afternoon I was coming through Mooney Mooney, heading back to sydney, along the pacific highway, going under the speed limit, here:
    A guy in a blue magna is in the side street... wanting to turn right, across my path. Being paranoid, I started an anti-smidsy, didn't make a bit of difference, the guy was looking at something totally unrelated to the road and where he was going. He drove out in front of me, I had a learner driver behind me, so didn't want to ram on the brakes, so, with no traffic coming the other way, I swerved into the opposite lane... the silly bugger still doesnt see me, right up until the point his car knocks into my boot as I am still going past him. I thought my bike was going down, but somehow managed to stay upright.
    Then the bastard just speeds off down the opposite way! At that point I saw red, and chased after him. He tried to lose me down a side street, but I caught up with him and pulled him over... ready to lay into him.
    Then I looked at him, he was just a kid, and from the way he was looking at me, a sh!t scared kid (I am 6'2", 100kgs, full leathers on and fcuking angry... *I* wouldnt like to meet me in a dark alley). I just didn't have the heart to give it to him... I just told him to damn well stop next time he knocks into someone. Hopefully he will look a little harder for motorbikes in the future.

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  2. stand and applaud folks!! Great eaxmple of control Fybre...
    well done!! :)
    I got 2 sons, 19 n 21, I would hate for one of them to fark up and not 'own up' and to have a gaint confront them like that, I'd shake your hand at being the bigger person for using 'smarts' rather then beating them to a pulp and forever put hate to bike riders..
  3. Well done Fybre.
  4. I wasn't even really angry that he didn't see me. As riders we need to expect that people aren't going to see us, that is the price we pay for the freedom we have when we ride. Just when he didn't even stop after hitting me, that got to me. But then when I looked in his face, I just saw a scared kid that knew he had screwed up. I told him everyone makes mistakes, but if you make one, at least stick around to make sure people are ok.

    Hopefully he will be one more person that might look a little bit longer before pulling out into the street now.
  5. Scaring children is good sport.

    Well done.
  6. Bahaha it is. My mother has told me i can no longer wear my helmet inside when i go visit her at her work at lunch time (Kindergarten) cos it scares the kiddies.
  7. Hopefully it's a lesson learnt for the bloke.

    Nice work ;)
  8. I hope he looks twice as long and hard for bikes now...you might have given him nightmares.

    On the other side of the coin, smart-arse kid pulls out in front of a moto, knocks him and then legs it. He then gets off with a bit of a scare. Maybe confirms to him he doesn't need to do the right thing. Hope you judged his 'scared face' accurately!
  9. Great work on not smashing him!

    but I thought the heading might be an age related problem that only Viagra could solve