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I'm free..Long Live Freedom! Anyone for a ride? (Pics avail)

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by Untame_me, Feb 15, 2005.

  1. Hi all,

    I just finished an exam this morning, and I’ve deferred for this coming semester, so I’m free, free to do whatever I want for at least a good 5-6 months……….yay….. :LOL: :LOL:

    Although I employed educational guesses for a big proportion of the exam (due to not studying hard enough), nevertheless, it’s probably better than random guesses right?? Oh, who cares……

    Anyway………..I’m free!! Would anyone interested in going for a looonngg celebratory ride with me this weekend??

    I’m thinking going Healesville then to Toolangi, via Myers Creek Road and Old Chum creek Road…..

    Check out these roads under Yarra Ranges at


    Any suggestions welcome…………..
  2. Congratulations on finishing up the exam untame me.

    There's a few weekend rides coming up next month, but as for something sooner I'm sure if you make a suggestion people will follow...
  3. Chum Creek Rd is closed. Apparently underneath the road, the dirt has collapsed. Therefore, there is not much holding the road up.
  4. I'm free all day until sunday. Although Thursday and Friday looks to be the pick of the better days. :wink:

    PM, if you wanna tablged with the red spada
  5. congrats chicky!! :D

    I do have to say, u were quite admirable in staying true and focused on ur studies despite my best attempts to distract u with rides, alcohol, food AND boys so i'm sure u will pass with flying colours! :LOL:

    count me in for a celebratory ride! :D
  6. :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: Well done, keep me infromed on ride if I can make it I will :)... Now you have a sh1t load of eating, drinking, boys and riding to catch up on :LOL: :p :LOL:
  7. well done :D I am going back for my final semester of uni.. wooo hoo
    After 6 years of uni I'm stuffed.

    Happy riding to you :twisted:

    Lisa :twisted:
  8. Woo Hoo congrats on finishing your studies... :applause: :applause: :applause:

    Count me in on the ride...

    As long as its not raining... Im a coward I dont do rain. :oops:
  9. If it's a weekender, I reckon I could manage it ;)
  10. Thanks guys for all the moral support!!!!!!!! :D :D

    I’ll try to sort out the ride details and post ASAP……….and will also check the weather* (coming from Darwin, I always forget that it’s important)

    ...Make it a Sunday ride.

    Will keep you posted, watch this space.

    * One time I got a phone survey on weather whilst still in Darwin, I've given the most boring answers ever.….ie How many times in the last 6 months do you watch the weather news? A: Never (btw, there’s no option for Never)…..Where do you go to get the weather information? A: I don’t……it’s quite funny, the whole convo went for about 10 min…I don’t know why the survey came through to Darwin…....I did spice up the answers by saying: Does it count if I have watched the weather intensely during cyclone watch every few years?….and wish that it comes close enough so we don’t have to go to work…. :D .. :oops: .touch wood…
  11. I should be in for a Sunday ride.

    I'll try to keep my eye on the thread.

    We who are born and raised in Victoria learn to adapt. You don't really need to check the weather reports, you can pretty much assume every day will have it all, and dress accordingly... Who in their right mind would want to be a weather reporter in Victoria anyway?
  12. I thought this thread was about getting divorced! :wink:

  13. Congrats!!!!

    Whne were you thinking of doing the ride? Saturday, Sunday or both (two runs at it or overnighter)?
  14. Sunday 20/2/05......Trip Details

    &#%*#$ bloody #&^#@*******

    Ok, here’s the deal. This will be twisties galore!!!!! Explore Yarra Ranges.

    Date: SUNDAY – 20th February 2005
    Meeting Time: 9.30am
    Meeting Place: Mobil Station, 473 Upper Heidelberg Road

    Trip: Melb-YarraGlen-Healesville-Toolangi-Kinglake-Melb
    Total Trip time: minimum 3 hours return (not counting stops and lunch break)

    Lead Rider: Matt232
    Stops & touristy stuff: Probably lunch at Healsville....if I'm inpired, I may post more info later.....or find out on the day


    Warm Up
    (1) Old Healesville Hwy (Yarra Glen-Healesville)
    11km……..corner ratio: 60%........corner speeds: medium

    (2) Myers Creek Road (Healesville-Toolangi)
    15km……..corner ratio: 90%........corner speeds: fair

    Mega Serious
    (3) Mt Slide Road (Toolangi-Kinglake)
    18km……..corner ratio: 80%........corner speeds: very fast

    All roads are good, with very little traffic.

    All the info sourced from: http://ariel.ucs.unimelb.edu.au/~ben/mtcv/mcroads/
    Click on Yarra Ranges


    (a) I haven’t been on any of these roads, so if someone have been recently, please post here, all comments appreciated.

    (b) There will be several L platers…incl myself…..so go at your own pace.

    This is me, untamed_me……having trouble login on as myself at home, forgot password, and listed my work email….. *sprung*….
  15. Very tempted to do this ride, but I will be carrying a fair bit on the bike (panniers, small compuetr and tanks bag)... :wink:
  16. Re: Sunday 20/2/05......Trip Details

    Be afraid!!! Be VERY afraid!!!!!

    While we are at Healsville we may as well do an out and back along the Black Spur, it'll fit in well with the twisties galore mantra and help me scrub in my new tyres. How does that sound?

    What about we make the departure time 10:30am? The ride isn't that long so we can afford to be a little relaxed with departure.

    *wondering if clueless and untame_me are going to punish me for messing with thier plans...*
  17. You should do what I've done and got a satallite internet link to my PDA, hooked that into a HUD for my helmet to project the nowwhere map onto the visor. Other than the enormous satellite dish attached to my helmet, particularly while its windy, it works a treat. :D

    In hind sight I should have spent the money on a Garmin Street Pilot. But you live and learn.
  18. lol..looks like I'll go on this ride, just to show you how much I will be carrying on a 250cc :D
  19. i might tag along too if u don't mind. weather sounds like it's gettin better!
  20. :D I might turn up if it's a 9:30 start and it's dry

    I'm too old to ride in the rain though - done that - been there.