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I'm finally biting the bullet (...I hope it's unleaded....)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Strom Girl, May 6, 2008.

  1. I've been reading the forums for a couple of months now and I joined Netrider a few weeks ago - you'd think I would have gotten off my lazy butt and introduced myself by now, hey? So here I thought I would finally bite the bullet and say hello (by the way, still sitting on my lazy butt however!). I originally got my learner's permit when I was 18, just to annoy my parents, but after just one ride on my brother's 250 - I had turned around to ask him how I was doing, overbalanced and both bike and me fell over, of course - I decided I'd stick to cars. Now... fast-forward the next 17 years (marriage, children, unmarriage, etc) and here I am. I've now been riding for just over a year. I learned on a Suzuki VL250 Intruder which has been a great little commuter but not so good on the open road. My naive learner self thought this bike was a keeper - I didn't believe my partner (K7 GSX1400) when he told me I'd want something a bit more powerful once I got used to riding. But here I am - the absolutely delighted owner of a K8 Suzuki DL650 V-Strom. Love it. Love it Love it.

    I never imagined how much I would love being on a bike. Even commuting to work is made that much more bearable by being on my bike (still commute on the 250). My partner and I ride together whenever we get the chance. We usually get to go for a long run every second weekend (the marriage, children, unmarriage thing... you know the drill!) We've planned a big ride in September/October from Perth to Brisbane and back. Nervously excited about that one (I've enjoyed reading travel diaries and have taken on board what other people have learned along the way).

    Ok I've just read what I've written and I do realise I could have just said "Hi, I'm Rachel, live in the Perth area, 35years old (dammit), and am in love with my DL650" guess that might have been a bit more to the point!
    Anyway, I'm glad I've finally done this (introduced myself) - I've been enjoying reading the forums and felt a bit like I've been eavesdropping on other people's conversations. Enough said (forums to peruse, ride journals to drool over - you know how it is).

  2. welcome to the boards, those DL's certainly move along quite well in the right hands....... :)

    Make sure you post the a ride report, for ya trip to brissy

    cheers stewy
  3. Welcome, Rachel, it's nice to have you on board. Now you'll have to document that trip and post it up in ride reports, won't you?
  4. welcome Rachel from another Strom Girl
    I have had my strom from July last year and love it to bits
    I will pm you a couple of links to help out

  5. hi and welcome to NR
  6. Thanks for the welcome(s)! Will definitely work on a ride report for the Brisbane trip, it's taking quite a bit of preparation (and saving! - I'm sure we could feel a small third world country for a week with what we're having to budget for our petrol costs alone!).
  7. ...And thanks for the PM, Stromer. Most appreciated - I will check out some of the links shortly (especially interested in the wind buffeting link!)
  8. welcome!

    and abit of lead never hurt nobody
  9. Great to read yr msge Rachel and your proposed trip to Brisvegas. I owned a bike 20yrs ago and 2 weeks later got transferred to Melb from NZ (Akld) so I've been a long time getting back to it!!! In process of going up to a GSR600. Am planning to get more time on the road with the new bike (the extra power will be wicked).

    We live on S/shine Coast so if you make it this far give us a buzz/leave message etc. Perhaps we can show you some of our riding territory?

    Happy planning and ride safe always.

    Di :LOL:
  10. Hi NZebra, thanks for the welcome! We'll keep it in mind - even though we're not leaving til Sept we're already counting down the weeks - 17 to go! (ok, to be honest it's partly because we've got this huge travel budget to meet and not much time to do it in!). We're staying with my partner's brother in Brissy - also a motorcyclist - so hoping to do a few rides while we're there, once the bikes get serviced.
  11. Welcome, a great intro. Lot's of enthusiasm.

    A trip from Perth to Brisbane sounds like a trip of a lifetime. I am curious to know when you get back if you'll be saying you want to do it again sometime. I had a brother drive from Perth through Melbourne to Sydney and he said that it was great for the experience but he wouldn't do it again - of course he had kids on board.

    I imagine it will be quite a bonding experience for you both. I'm sure you won't regret it!

    It's important to make the most of each day - and especially each holiday. Good on you!