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I'm finally a rider!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by jdimitri, May 8, 2008.

  1. Hi folks,

    I did my pre-learners 2 days ago, learners course yesterday then picked up the bike today :D I stalled the bike a couple of times at the learner's course so they kicked me down to a scooter :oops:

    This is pretty much my first time riding (or driving) on the road so i was fairly nervous in the beginning. I have ridden a scooter for about 3 weeks in bali though, so once i took off i was fine with balance and general road actions

    The bike is a suzuki gsf250v bandit (thanks to netrider's jd), and so far so good!

    The clutch isn't that smooth (it'll stall if i dont apply any throttle, but maybe only the bike at the learner's place is like this?) but hopefully it's just me

    First thing i did is obviously stall the bike.. and again and again and again

    Till i found out when to twist and how much is needed

    Cruised down princess hwy after half hour of side street confidence raiser it was great fun

    Stalled the engine a couple of times but luckily for the people behind me i got it running straight away every time

    On the way back I was caught in the peak hour traffic, and saw at least 6 bikes split ahead while i sat there like a doofus but i wasn't confident enough to anyway

    Now i just have a few problems:

    The clutch work (obviously)
    Remembering to turn off the turn signal
    Waiting for my 'real' permit, all i have now is a piece of paper which is likely to rip or be dropped
    Fitting an alarm/immobilizer that i bought
    My scorpion jacket didn't ship with any protectors, hopefully they'll arrive soon
    And my helmet (shoei multitec, got it at a bargain because the dude couldn't get my shark RSI in after 3 weeks) keeps fogging up, anyone know a good solution for this?

    I can't wait to ride around tomorrow, i hope i'll keep getting better each time
    Thanks for your help and tips folks, i've learnt a lot from here!
  2. Many congratulations!!!

    I kept stalling my bike when I first got it - my husband upped the revs a little to give me a fighting chance!

    I still stall when I'm doing hill starts :oops: but I'm mega-fast with the starter button so no-one notices!! :grin:
  3. Congrats!

    So in Vic if you complete the learners course on a scooter they still give you a permit to ride a manual bike??!

    In NSW if you complete on a scooter you only get a cert for an auto bike and therefore can only get a license for an auto bike (scooter).
  4. Welcome to the wonderful world of motorcycle riding!

    Make sure you read this


    Then read it again a few more times.

    Getting the basics down pat is important. With no experience of driving behind you, you have a very steep learning curve ahead.

    Baby steps and learn how stupid other road users really are.[/url]
  5. In Victoria you can do your Learners on a scooter, wait 3 months, do your P's on scooter, wait 12 months then buy a litre sports bike.

  6. :shock: :shock: :shock: how do they give airline pilot licenses in vic :)
  7. Probably much the same way they give their police department a license to carry dangerous weapons,,,,,,,,without a lot of thought.
  8. Hehe, good choice of bike. :grin:

    You must have had pretty strict instructors at your pre-learner course. I didn't just stall my bike a couple of times, I also dropped it a couple of times. The instructor still let me pick up the bike and finish. I get the feeling that I could have slept with his wife and I still would have passed. :grin:
  9. Well done, jdimitri! We're currently on the same boat - no driving/road exp behind me either! :p But I'm learning - fast, and I'm sure you will too!

    Cambo - that sounds a bit dodgy to me :? Is it safe for a scooter rider to go straight to a litre bike even after 12 months of riding? I thought the riding dynamics were different... especially with the whole manual/automatic dichotomy to contend with!
  10. But here, stall the bike ONCE and you fail the test.. which is fairly unreasonable i think considering most people applying for their Ls probably aren't used to clutches

    Oh, and i'm thinking of getting it serviced just to make sure it's all good.. Where should i take it? Preferably somewhere not too far away from the city
    Maybe even get them to install an alarm system i bought, i don't know my way inside the bike

    I've heard that balls is good, anyone got another place?
  11. Dude I am so insanely jealous of the testing procedures of other states :p
    I booked my test today for the earliest possible time and it is 10 weeks away, that and if we fail we have to wait at least 28 days before we can redo it. But that isn't much of a problem cos the earliest you can book the test is probably about 10 years away :(

    WA government sucks testicles
  12. a tip to remembering to turn off ur indicators,

    when u flick them on, leave ur thumb resting on the indicator button, it soons gets real uncomfortable and then u realise that u need to turn of ur indicator.

    works everytime and saves u a 50 dollar and 1 point fine (QLD)
  13. I didnt know you cang et a fine for that :(
  14. falls under indicating to turn right but failing to do so, i think is wat i was told.

    cop reckons if the indicator is on and some passes u on the left and clips u, u the rider is at fault for indicating to turn right.

    cause law states u can overtake someone on the left if its safe to do so if the person is indication Right. (shortend but u get the idea)
  15. Damn, must have been a tightarse copper. Even seen experienced, "I crossed the nullabor" sticker'd bikes leave indicators on for a good few kays. All too easy to do.