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I'm feeling nostalgic... So here's some free MP3s!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Loz, Apr 28, 2008.

  1. I was just rockin' out last night on the iPod with a few tunes from a band I used to play drums for. We ended up having a fiery breakup after we couldn't get ourselves all pointed in the same direction, but I always thought the music was awesome, great lyrics and songwriting, and we played our arses off in the studio.

    So if anyone wants to have a listen, here's a few tunes from LUKE's only ever album, Points of View. Hope you get a buzz out of 'em:

    I Am All - a fast rock tune with lil' Lozzy going schizo on the drums in the choruses. We're talking bleeding blisters in the studio. Imagine Animal from the muppets. :)

    Dominoes - More of a melodic type thing. I loved playing this one, I tried to make bits of the drum track feel like waves breaking on a beach. Beautiful tune.

    State of Mind - A big solid lighters-out rocker with a sort of wistful overtone. I got a bit ADD on the drum pickup after the guitar solo, but managed to control myself for the rest of the tune. :p

    Man that band was a heap of fun. Sigh... Good times!

    There's a few more tracks if anyone wants 'em.
  2. Cool tunes Loz!
    I Am All sounds like a great song to ride to :)
  3. Heh heh ya reckon? I'd get overexcited and stack!
  4. :LOL:
  5. Nice!

    Dont wanna steal any thunder here but would like to show y'all some tracks my housemate recorded when he was living with me..


    If you've got a sec let me know what ya think
  6. nice tunes!
    now i feel the need to venture back into the studio fire up cubase (yes it runs on steam :grin: ) and have a re listen to years of stuff that probably isn't as bad as i thought at the time :grin:
    and if i trip over one of the guitars and hurt myself i blaming you :p
  7. I like the vocalist. He reminds me of Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree) during the verses of "I Am All" and Chris Cornell (Soundgarden) during the chorus.

    ...the guy on skins isn't too shabby either.
  8. I think that singer could be awesome if he gets out of his Eddie Vedder phase... :p
  9. QB, post up what you dig out, let's have a listen!

    Cheers SD, I've only heard one Porcupine Tree tune (Sound of Muzak) which I thought was great. Chris Cornell's a fair ol' compliment for a rock singer... Danny spent most of his time in the studio trying not to sound like Bono. Heh.
  10. our EP is all mastered, just waiting for the artwork to be finished so I can get the bloody things manufactured.

    i might post up a few 'blasts from the past' myself in the meantime....
  11. shall do
    i might even have some malmsteen inspired crap to put up.
    when i was i young grasshopper i didnt play fast just to play fast i played what the music wanted :LOL:
    actually i was i neoclassical tosser
  12. Break out the frilly sleeves... QB gets paid by the note!

    Get a woolly bull up ya Edgie, we wanna hear yer record.
  13. I can hear that in "Dominoes" quite clearly. :)

    I'm interested in the other tunes if they're handy.
  14. I'll upload a zip of the whole 9-track disc.

    Here's the album covers...

  15. don't blame me mate, i'm itching to get them printed!!!
    our graphic artist had her PC crash in the middle of designing the cover which meant a 2 week delay.....
    hopefully she has some stuff for me this week.
    cause i'm going crazy waiting lol
  16. 2 weeks? Piffle and poppycock! What is it, the sistine chapel? Once you know what you're doing, you just knock it out. Arses need kicking, names need taking.
  17. Got through the first 2 tracks and was left thinking…
    Wow perfect 80’s cock rock, but track 3 mellows into something quite different…
    So now I am left thinking what is the target sound?
    Will have to let it go around a few times
  18. Track 4 and 7 are much more mellow again, 5 is pure dunna nunna cock rock, Laughing Gas goes from punk into psychedelic and the last track has some weird tribal vibe-especially toward the end. We didn't have a target sound as much as a bunch of songs that each needed to have their own identity.

    I actually quite the band when the lads wanted to restrict their writing to just the rock stuff, I need some light and shade.
  19. Ack, I was so disturbed by the mental image this conjured that I've only now been able to listen to the songs, days later. ;)