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I'm Curious

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Owen, Oct 2, 2006.

  1. In 3 months time i will be unrestricted. And so in eager anticipation i have been looking at prospective bikes. And i thought it was a tough decision choosing my 250 :LOL:

    For those of you who chose to get something under 1000cc...why? just curious, is it price reasons? fear?

    Ive also been looking at the ducati monsters, the 600's seem to be really cheap (around 6k for recent model) and yet not many people seem to go for them? is there some reason why majority of people seem to go for the sport and super sport bikes?

    This thread is gonna be more like a chat i think.

    Cheers people.

  2. Owen sucks :)

    whatever you may buy you have to ride it to vic :LOL:
  3. i still ride a 250 but i plan on getting a 600 because: weight, both of me and the bike, i don't weigh much, so i'd have a bit of trouble throwing a 1000 around me thinks, some people think that the smaller cc handle better,and not all that many ops to get the full potential out of a 1000 anyways.. think it's just personal choice.... like with cars, nobody NEEDS a 6litre v8, some people just want them.
  4. Owen I think there's a fear factor in thinking of the jump from 250cc to four times that capacity, especially as most 250 riders have had Gixxer Thous* blast past them at warp speed at some time or other......

    I still think a 600 Naked is the ideal next step, but I'm biased (not that I had to get the Hornet, just chose to....)

    *substitute any other hyper-bike for the purposes of the argument.
  5. because 600s are quite a bit cheaper, they rev more entertainingly, and they're pretty much quick enough under 110kays anyway for most mortals.
  6. Yes....

    If it wasnt too short of an answer thats what mine would be... and of course it would be of absolutely no help to you what so ever.

    I think you need to first of all ask yourself;
    1. What type of riding do I want to do?
    2. What type of bikes appeal to me?
    3. What makes me feel comfortable?

    etc etc....

    Maybe get a long to some rides or coffee meets and have a look at other peoples bikes. Its also a great opportunity to ask people about there bikes whilst its in front of you - maybe they'll even let you sit on it :p

    Me, I like the Motard cos its noisy, light, powerful and its soooooo much fun... road and trail. oh and the WTF factor with the motard rims.


  7. If I can threadjack a bit... I'm pretty much locked in on a naked SV 650 as my next bike, but can anyone do a bit of compare-and-contrast with the Ducati Monsters?
  8. i went for the thousand 'cause i wanted it!

    i went from lil' 250 4 strokes, then to 2-strokes, big 500 single dirt bike, and just wanted a big one.

    each to there own, but the 600's are a little cheaper both to run and buy and a little more nimble.

    still wont go less than a litre here :p
  9. I went for a 900 all-rounder because I'm all pretty round myself and needed something with grunt to take my fat arse around the place. The Hornet is an incredibly cheap bike for what it is and does, so I've been very happy with it. It's also cheap to crash and insure.

    1000cc superbikes are pretty pricey to own - they're at least 3 times the insurance premium of even a 919cc naked like mine, their power chews through tyres like crazy, they're stolen more often, they cost you more in fines and license points :grin: and their plastics are expensive to replace when you crash them.

    Of course, they're eye-popping mental mega-speed machines too, like nothing else on this planet, so to a lot of people the extra expense is worthwhile!
  10. lol Eswen you saucy minx, you!
  11. Ducati motorcycles have Soul and Personality. That's all you need to know. :cool:
  12. Motorcycles, Ducati or otherwise, have no soul or personality. They are machines from which the maximum amount of enjoyment should be extracted. Ride 'em hard, put 'em away wet and don't buy a bike you'll cry over if it gets scratched.
  13. So is there a big insurance premium difference between say a 900cc and a 1300cc?

    No ones jumped from a 250 to hayabusa then?
  14. I know a clown who jumped from a 125 to a hayabusa.

    (Can't ride it for shit ;))
  15. I went from a gpx 250 to a zx6r because it was the bike I'd always had my eye on since I started riding.
    Granted being over 30 made that transition a little quicker for me. Had the gpx for exactly 12 months before the move up.
    Even made 100 bucks on the deal when I sold it. So that was nice.
    I only weigh 62kg so I didn't think I would need a litre bike and riding this one for about 4months now I still dont. Around town the speed limit can be broken easily in first and ya barely need to crack 2nd to break even the highest speed limit in NSW. So I cant justify the additional spending on something I just cant use effectively on the road.
    I do plan on doing some touring down the way so may look at something bigger then.
    Oh I'm also a short arse so this one suits me down to the ground (been lowered a smidge)

    Right now Im as happy as a pig in shit and am in no hurry to get to the biggest and greatest.
    Its the journey Im enjoying not so much the destination.
  16. i went from a 250 to a 900. i stuck with the naked look cus that's what i like.

    sports bikes with fairings are ok to look at but are another thing to maintain.
    just my opinion.

    also upgrading to a bigger bike is always the easy part. the extra cost like maintenance and insurance is an eye-opener! do your research!

    ride smart.

  17. I had to wait many years before I could afford another bike when I got off the 250 so was desperate to do so at the time. Unfortunately funds were still limited so I figured I should go for a newer standard with less kms over an older sportsbike if faced with the choice as it would be less likely to shit itself and cost me a fortune in repairs. It also meant cheaper insurance and rego etc, which all adds up. I also figured something that I could easily service myself would be ideal.

    I finally decided on the ER-5 as it was quicker and more comfortable than the GS and seemed to be an good all rounder. I like to mix traffic with touring and twisties in equal parts so I wanted a bike that would suit all.

    It seems I chose an urban weapon that was comfy for touring and faired competently on the twisties. My theory was that if twisties were its weakest point it would encourage me to learn to ride it well rather than rely on horsepower, twin discs and sports suspension (not there so find another way). In that sense I think I made the right choice and whilst I'm not doing warp speed through the twisties I now have it conering smoothly and briskly.

    I think I made the right choice at the time so I hope I'm doing it again being in the market for another step up. This time I'll be sacrificing some lanesplitting ability by having a larger bike, but I'm rarely in a hurry through town. Instead I want a bike that takes the cornering a little harder (should I choose to use it) and a little more horse power to over take faster bikes that are cornering slower than me. I'm also going for a faired bike to give me a break from the weather. :)
  18. No matter what you like the look of, what you think will be comfy, what you think will be fast enough:

    Everything will be either confirmed or denied when you do the test-ride.

    From everything I've seen on these forums, etc - only after a test-ride do people just "know" which bike they have to buy.

    ... so at least make a list of sexy ones you want to try out :)
  19. i heard of a story of a guy who went from a 250 to a 1000 and died that very day. some say he was a real idiot and that may have been a large contributor to his death.

    if i were you i would DO IT! dont wast years on a 600 when you could be on something better.

    the ZX9 is a beautiful bike! monster, a great choice!

    from the mouth of krusty the clown 'do it! do it! do it! do it! do it!'

    DO IT!
  20. Well I see a lot of people ‘justifying’ the bike they own with reasons of some type of logical criteria as to why they ride what they do, now hear this folks – this is bullshit, don't do it to yourself.
    Bikes are an emotional purchase, and we being emotional creatures will buy what we want NOT what we need, convincing ourselves that we need it is pure bullshit, ask one man why he believes in a particular god or ask another why he has chosen to live with a certain woman, all answers will be devoid of any real logic and will be based on emotion.
    So the bottom line is – ride whatever melts your chocolate, you don’t need a reason, and disregard whatever anyone else says, we are talking about your enjoyment and it should be less clinical and more like a forbidden love.