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I'm confused

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Demaros, Jul 27, 2005.

  1. ....about the cc limits for p platers, i've seen p platers on a ZX6-R
    Can someone please tell me what absolute limit for p's is?

  2. The 260cc restriction is only for the first year of P's. After that you can go and get your Triumph Rocket 3 or whatever else you feel like shelling out for. If you dont have full licence for the car then you still have to display the P plates for another two years (or until full car licence comes into effect, whichever comes first)

    :D :D :D
  3. Can someone remind me - is the zero blood alcohol limit in place for the full 3 years, or just the first year?

    I've got a full car licence, but I'm on the first year of my motorcycle Ps.
  4. If you are on full car licence then all motorcycle restrictions end after one year.

    At least, thats what my newly issued licence says.
  5. Yes , an open licence holder for a car only has P's for 1 year on a bike . They dont have to display the P either , only the L during their learning time .
  6. So the guy displaying the P's on a ZXR6 was being a norty boy.
  7. Hang on, then what is the Black plate withe the White P mean?????

    Ohhhh, poser..... Chapel street riders... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  8. "Chapp Lappers" is what us WRX drivers call 'em....... :D :roll:
  9. thanks for the help guys i'm a little less confused now :D

    Supra ftw \:D/
  10. This always confuses people. In victoria there is a difference between a "restricted licence" and a "probationary licence". Many people refer to getting a motorcycle licence as getting their P's.

    To clarify a Probationary licence in Victoria means that you have to display P plates for the first 3 years and are subject to zero blood alcohol. This is regardless if it is a car or motorcycle, it is for a "licence". Motorcycle (or R for rider) is an endorsement on that licence. For the first 12 months of that endorsement the holder is on a restricted endorsement. That means 260cc, no pillion and zero BAC. A learner permit is separate to a licence. So if you are on a learner permit you must display a "L" on that permit type (eg motorcycle). If you are on a probationary licence you must display a "P". Simple isnt it? However, you are restricted for the first 12 months of getting your bike endorsement to the same restrictions as a learner (260cc, no pillion, zero BAC). Here are some examples:

    1. John has a probation car licence, and a bike learners. He must display P's on his car and L's on his bike.

    2. Pete has a full car licence and has just gotten his bike endorsement. He does not need to display any plates on either vehicle as he is not on a probation licence, nor learners. But is restricted for the first 12 months of his bike endorsement to 260cc, no pillion and zero BAC.

    3. Michelle on the other hand has one year left of displaying P's (held a licence for 2 years), and has held her bike endorsement for a year. So she must diplay P's on both car and bike. She is also resticted to zero BAC on both vehicles, but can carry a pillion and is unrestricted on engine capacity on the bike. So she could be riding a zx6 and show P's.

    Does that make it more confussing??

  11. yea it does thanks