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I'm coming to Melbourne on the weekend! Any suggestions?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Zenyatta_Mondatta, Jan 5, 2009.

  1. As above! I am coming for work/mini holiday this weekend (from Sydney), I am not familiar with Melbourne at all so I was wondering....

    Fun things to do/see? Good places to shop/eat? the best way to get around? (I will be flying down.)

    Yes, I am interested in shopping but I really like marketplace shopping. Is there any such thing?

    I'm looking forward to my trip! yay!
  2. After like... 3am or something, the casino is the only place you can get a drink.

    The public transport is fantastic. You can get an 'all day ticket' which will let you on trains, buses and trams for the day - all on the one ticket.
  3. Coooool. I will check that website out in detail.

    We probably won't be searching for alcohol at 3am lol.

    I'd love to hear from more melbourners.
  4. as said, Queen Vic Market, you will love it.
    also check out Melbourne Central for more shops, non-market.

    there is so much in melbourne, i dont know the half of what is hidden and i've lived here all my life.
    chuck your walking shoes on, and wander round the city. see a tiny lane? go down it! they're everywhere, often with boutique shops, cafes and anything else hidden down there.

    there is also alot of graffiti art down some of the alleys. some of it is shit, but alot is awesome, to the point where pieces by Banksy and possibly others have been protected/preserved by the government.

    jump on the city circle tram, its one of the old style trams, maroon in colour. its free! does a loop of the CBD, stops everywhere, really good to see stuff.

    another fun thing is go check out the toilets in a building. its great. no really :p go to the Sofitel Hotel on Collins street, just down from Parliament station. 35th floor, since you love shopping so much im going to assume the female toilets :LOL: just do it! and take your camera in there :wink: you will not regret it!
  5. Organise an NR tour guide.
  6. try a hook turn; shit hot fun if you have no idea... :grin:

    park your car in front of a tram, lots of chaos... have a bet with mates; "how long can I block this tram track for...?" Most trams queued up wins...

    park on the sidewalk... legal here... (cars too! :twisted: )

    try riding on some tram tracks... good for first timers... wait till they are wet. :grin:

    Try city link, its free, and boring as all f*&^, that is, unless its peak time, then it's the shit hot lane splitting time...

    And read the Thursday MR thread...
  7. 1. No car.

    2. No bike.

    i'll just be a tourist going around on public transport, enjoying being all touristy. I will have flown in from sydney sans motorbike. :p
  8. South Melbourne Market would be good. (food and random stuff)

    Chapel Street is good for shopping. (clothes etc)

    You can buy a travel ticket on the trams, but they only take coins....a zone one should do you..

    Elizabeth street is the place for bike shopping.

    Acland Street in St Kilda is good. Go for a plod along the beach too.
  9. When you get here, go to the Tourist Info place, at Federation square, which is on the corner of Flinders and Swanston st. Load yourself up with info, and maps. Go nuts.
  10. What's the philip island penguin parade? sounds interesting.

    Thanks all for your great answers, keep giving more! I still have till Saturday!
  11. It takes hours to get there and back, which is probably not good for you.

    Go to the NR coffee thingy on fri and sat nite.
  12. before anyone thinks the below comments are racist, GFYS.

    it's a bunch of asians with rapid fire camera's that would put a mini-gun to shame. They flock in groups to the walkway edges and take approximately 600-700 photos of one penguin before it even has a chance to place the next foot on the ground.

    Had to do it for school once. Loclan got in trouble for jumping the barrier and chasing one through the sand dunes :twisted: . Me and a mate got our kicks finding an empty patch of walkway, and pointing to nothing in the darkness. Before we could even straighten our arms and finishing saying; "looooooook" 7 "tourists" and 400 photo flashes appeared out of no where; of weeds and sand. No penguins. :LOL:

    Long hike down there to see a bunch of 1 foot nun's... best take some pills and hang around a church in the city or something...

  13. I went to Melbourne a couple of years ago with some friends and really enjoyed myself. Make sure you go to Lygon St, there's lots of nice cafe's and restaurants along there. There's a couple of nightclubs at Federation Square, and the Crown Casino is worth checking out too. Chapel St. is the place you want to be for clothes shopping :wink:
  14. Here's what I recommend to do in Melbourne.


    1. Find a pub.
    2. Ask for a pot of VB and drink it.
    3. Repeat step 2 until you become violent and abusive and need to be escorted off the premises.


    1. Dress up in something expensive but trashy.
    2. Hire a BMW or Merc convertible.
    3. Go to Lygon street and park it right out front of one of the many Italian restaurants.
    4. Sit at a table on the sidewalk, order something difficult to pronounce, and talk about yourself in a loud voice for an hour.

    Either way you will have experienced first-hand Melbourne culture.
  15. If you're interested in shopping then as someone else suggested, go exploring the liitle lanes and arcades in the city - there are some interesting up-and-coming designers hidden away in there.

    Chapel St (South Yarra/Prahran) and Bridge Rd (Richmond) are good also good for shopping.

    Foodwise, there are good places everywhere. Brunswick St and Lygon St are notable for their cafes/restaurants. If you want to go up market, then there are some really good places on Southbank (and some not so good)

    Sightseeing type stuff - since you're gettting around on public transport, I'd suggest seeing the Shrine, walking through the Botanic Gardens, checking out the Art Gallery and doing the really daggy tourist thing and having a boat ride on the river.
  16. From up north originally?

    Agree with both, don't forget the third option.

    1. Go to casino
    2. Get blind
    3. Lose money and chase you loses
    4. Dodge being urinated on while playing the tables
    5. Walk up King st and get stabbed

    But seriously, check out Fed Sq. as suggested and start from there.
  17. More of a reflection of which states I do my heavy summertime drinking in ;)

    Mistake amended.

    Nice point re the casino. Should be burnt to the ground. And you can push Southbank into the Yarra while you are at it. Viva la revolution!

    In all seriousness, Lygon Street is a nice place to have a pizza or pasta at when the gliteratti aren't out crowding the place up. I've enjoyed meals at Cafe Corretto and Papa Gino's.


    And the arcades and laneways in Melbourne are interesting to wander through if you have some time on your hands. A tourist info centre at Federation Square or in Bourke St Mall will be able to provide directions.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  18. basically as everyone has said, the best of melbourne is hidden in ally ways and arcardes... explore them as best you can... you'll find the best bar's hidden in ally ways and what not... there's a deck of cards you can buy that has 52 "hidden" bars in melbourne. Each card has a decripition and a map on the back... think they are located in those touristy shops and what not.

    and if your up for it, 70 Clake Street, South Melboune... never been myself but I hear its the only 6 star in town...

    and go to the MR on thursday night, bike or not, you'll meet a heap of NR's, name to the face etc. Maybe get on the thread and ask for a pillion ride for the night...