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I'm buying a plane!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by darklightBoy, Feb 20, 2008.

  1. Really, I am. I put the first 20% down on my new Cessna today.

    ....okay, so it's only got a wingspan of 980mm and it runs on batteries, but it's a flying one nonetheless :p


    Any other R/C flyers on here?
  2. Looks like fun :grin: :grin:
  3. Had a sail plane years ago. 2m wing span. Was good fun
  4. I plan this to be the stepping stone to eventually bigger models. I saw a youtube clip somewhere of a model with like 8 engines :shock:
  5. I've got an Electrafun XP which I take out some days. Make sure parts are readily available, particularily wings. :grin:
  6. I remember watching someone fly an R/C plane that had a real jet-turbine in it - that was seriously impressive (and LOUD).

    Never had an R/C plane myself though, only cars. My brother did build one but he was too afraid of breaking it to ever fly it.
  7. Cessna182?


  8. That is so cool darklightboy, I've been looking at them for ages, but you know how life is, there's alwasy so much other stuff to do .....

    Tops, enjoy it.
  9. How much do they go for? looks like fun!
  10. I just got my Bronze Wings on the weekend.

    I had a World Models Sky Raider Mach 1 above wing trainer with an OS .46 2-stroke engine. I quickly progress to the below wing trainer the World Models Sky Raider Mach 2. Its nice and fast, agile and does some great aerobatics but people say its tame to the hardcore 3-D model aircraft.

    What radio are you getting? I have a JR 2610 6 channel computer radio.

    I am building a Great Planes Siren Hotliner at the moment. This thing is so overpowered it will accelerate up out of sight in a matter of seconds.
  11. Lol yeah I've heard about that, the guys at the store said all the parts are replaceable on this model, and easy to get.

    Drewzor - this one's $240, comes with everything to get you going.

    Nightgash - This is just a basic ARTF kit, battery powered, comes with radio etc. Something not too expensive and simple to get me started. Put simply, I have no idea what you were talking about just then :p
  12. Oh yeah, it has one of them too, I'll actually be able to plug the controller into my PC and practice that way too :grin:
  13. I have RealFlight G4. Its pretty expensive though.
  14. You'll have some fun mate!

    One thing you will definately need that nobody mentioned is a few batteries - at least two.

    There is nothing worse than just getting going and then the battery goes :(

    The Lipo batteries charge pretty quickly - I suggest 3 batteries if you can afford it and a car charger (15-30 mins) then fly/charge/fly/charge if you know what I mean!

    I have a helicopter, a lot more challenging but just as rewarding with the ability to hover.

    Good luck mate and you WILL crash at some point - everything is easily fixable though so don't worry!


  15. That E-sky one uses FMS but you get a 4 channel controller to use.
  16. Very expensive hobby once you get into it :grin:

    My brother-in-law is into it in a serious way - is the Australian champion in Scale Aero Modelling and represents Australia in the World Champs. He builds his from scratch, flies those big turbine jet ones, has some of his models in museums, some of his planes have been used in TV and film as well, and is often featured at the Melbourne Air Show. Some amazing models - and the amount of time, effort and money that goes into them....man..!


    Be prepared for some expensive stacks :grin: it happens to the best of them. Last airshow my brother-in-law was flying at, he got radio interference on take off, and could do nothing but watch his plane gracefully swan dive into the ground...luckily missing the crowd. :shock: Anything can, and does go wrong..!

    I used to do it when I was a teenager, and it got too expensive for me with planes shearing off wings going through trees and then having to fish the fuselage out of the river, some spectacular cartwheeling disintegrations after stalling when landing... :LOL: