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I'm bored [Syd]

Discussion in 'NSW' started by Paulie, Jun 14, 2005.

  1. Well.. its 8.23pm on a tuesday night, nothing on tv and I don't start work till 2pm tomorrow, thinkin of taking a ride to wisemans ferry... anyone interested?

  2. Sorry bud ive gotta leave for work at 5am.. Just plannin on maybe watchin that csi show then the 25 years of origin....

    Maybe next time...
  3. I would come with, but im at work :(
  4. Nice to see you are working hard there Goose! hehe
  5. Wisemans ferry... or somewhere else exciting....?
  6. Huh? I am working at wisemans ferry? Ive, um, never actually been up there :oops: . Ill have to do it one day i guess, i hear its "da bomb yo"
  7. Sorry Goose dude, I was just addin to my original post, thinking maybe nobody feels like riding to wisemans ferry, maybe anyone would wanna ride somewhere else

    Wisemans ferry is a good ride though
  8. You never know, once all the sydney riders get all nice and coushie like the melbournites, we'll be able to call each other up for "booty calls" at 8:22pm on a tuesday night :LOL: . Hang in there buddy
  9. HAHA yeah, well don't look like anyone is interested in a ride tonight... hmm..
  10. ok, just realised that mightve sounded a bit gay. I meant "call up to see if someone wants to go for a fang" :oops:
  11. wish i could.. really do, but i have a 5:30 start tomorow

    i wouldnt mind going out tomorow night tho?
  12. I'm not gay , but I dunno 'bout that bloke I slept with last night .
  13. If you're bored, remember that God invented the internet as a pornography distribution medium.
  14. set aside second tuesday of each month for our Sydney ride night, meeting at Homebush Bay Brewery for dinner and lots of talk about bikes, 7 -730pm
  15. The Tuesday night rides are right up my ally :D.
    I'll be there for the next one for sure.
  16. I agree about the hard yards; it's always been my motto that if we are going to go metric, then we're going to go every inch of the way!
  17. This is the second tuesday of the month dude
  18. haha your right. But I've got work early tomorrow so tonight's not the best + it's sprinkling out here in gladesville and my rear tyre's up to the tread marker's I'll have to replace it on thursday... Or perhaps tommorrow I'll try and get off work actually.
  19. Its just started p_ssing down here at my house..no ride tonight now, I detailed the bike on saturday at work (my job is pretty slow) and then just as I was driving out of the basement it started raining so i had to ride all the way home in the rain thereby making it look even worse than it did before I scrubbed it down! So I spent sunday cleaning it AGAIN... dont wanna ruin the shine just yet hehehehe
  20. I wish I had a bike that would be worth detailing hahaha.

    Actually I might just pull it apart and clean it for the hell of it.
    We should hook up sometime soon for a ride though paulie we aint far from each other.