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I'm bored - so what else is mroe fun than baiting a scammer

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Respi, Nov 28, 2008.

  1. I got bored and thought instead of deleting my spam folder I’d pick one and bait him for a bit..

    My first e-mail from him after I sent a response saying "wow - really!! – i'm the luckiest man alive!!

    And here is his passport his sent me. Lol!!
    My response
    Hi there Frank I'm fortunate you picked me and can certainly say this couldn't have come at a better time as I recently sold my portable dog wash company and am looking to invest elsewhere.

    In order to proceed I’ll just need to verify your identity if that's ok as I’m sure you understand a passport can be stolen and replicated. Would you mind providing me with a photo of you holding a sign with your name and a code word. I'm insistent on use of this word as it acts as a security measure protecting both myself and our venture.

    The code word will be "Joose De Cocke"

    Once I'm supplied with the picture I’ll gladly and promptly proceed in finalising this business venture with you.

    Warmest wishes,

    Mr Respire.

    Firstly, he sends me this first
    followed by this gibberish

    so I return serve with this

    Dear Frank,

    I'm happy to proceed but the passport you sent me is insufficient for me to feel comfortable with this venture. As stated I’ll like a photo of you holding a sign with your name on it quoting the password "Joose De Cocke".

    Once I’m in receipt of this I’ll begin providing you with financials in order for you to complete the venture.

    Kindest regards,

    Shizzle My Nizzle - Mr Respire.

    *********** *********** ***********

    he must be sleeping because he hasn’t responded yet

    TBC as this will be a work in progress...
  2. keep posting mate and we'll work together on it, I love this stuff :cool:
  3. Will do!

    I just cant get over how dumb they are and how quickly their English deteriorates!
  4. lol, the worst thing is there must be people actually fall for this crap
  5. shizzle my nizzle... i lolled...everyone looked at me
  6. hee hee
  7. Wat??? :shock:
    Sounds genuine. You should have invested millions in him
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  8. when u decide that you have had enough your excuse should be someone very close to you has passed away (your goldfish) and you need to use most of the money you made from selling your dog washing company for the funeral.
  9. For Christ sake, does he even know who frank moss is?

    Only the United States Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Passport Services...


    Dumb arse.
  10. That is freaken hilarous.
  11. Better yet, register a new email address at one of the lesser known free email addresses (gmail and hotmail are a dead giveaway) - something like VicFraudInvestigations@....

    Better yet - Operation Purana@...

    Then when he googles it it will come up with all the Underbelly type names. :LOL:

    Email him back as Superintendant whoever saying that you believe that he has been corrsponding with Mr Respire and that he needs to be aware that Mr Respire is iunder investigation for criminal activities and fraud.Tell him that you came across his details on a computer seized from Mr Respire and that there is a history of violence and involvement with organised crime and that he should be very careful about who he gets involved with... :LOL:
  12. haha that's gold!! :LOL:

    You should email him the above link to screw around with this guy a bit more... bloody scammers, I'm constantly getting calls now from investment scams, as if the emails weren't enough :mad:
  13. thats two of us..

    start random facebook groups about nothing but be VERY keen on what you support..

    eg. shizzle my nizzle is a phrase that should be recognised as propper english and celebrated worldwide.. (my nizzle)
  14. Alternatively, tell him to email you at work in future "for security reasons" - er-waoc@afp.gov.au

    It's the Australian West African Organized Crime Section of the Federal Police. They are the ones who investigate these scams... I'd love to see their reaction when they get an email from him. :LOL:
  15. ^^ :LOL: nice!!