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I'm booked in!!!!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Marie, Sep 13, 2010.

  1. Have my date for my Pre-Provisional!!!! Saturday 9th October!!!!! :bannanabutt:

    I really wanted Saturday 2nd October. Have been checking every day since August for that date to open. Checked it this morning - nothing. Just checked it again and it goes straight to the 9th October.

    Maybe they aren't doing it on the 2nd & 3rd due to the long weekend???

    But - I GOT MY DATE!!!
  2. Pre Provisional?
    Didnt know there was such a thing except for something along the lines of an advanced rider course :D.
    All the same, good luck!
  3. Good luck with it, Marie !
  4. Thanks all!

    Seems so official now I have a confirmed date!
  5. Now get practising. Good luck.


    PS check your horn is working
  6. Pre provisional is the seminar/practise day in which you do the low speed skills test.
  7. All I think about is practising!

    My horn is good...I know this because I accidentally pressed it at the petrol station the other day instead of turning off the indicator. Scared the crap out of the guy walking back to his car!

    I just smiled and waved hi to an imaginary person at the other side of the bowser! lol
  8. You're more than likely correct on the long weekend guess. Here in SA I have my 2 session Rider Safe course on 26th Sept and 10th of Oct thanks to it! :(
  9. Yeah...I can understand why they do it. Who wouldn't want to enjoy the three day weekend out riding?

    But...does it have to be my week? lol....spose I can wait another week! (I'm just so impatient!)
  10. Good luck. If I can do it so can you too. Have fun!
  11. You and me both! The weekend in the middle is going to really have me twitchy! But I'll have to sit on my hands, riding on a long weekend without even having my Ls would be a recipe for disaster! lol :p
  12. Oh yeah...you poor bugger!!!

    So it's the upright yr doing?
  13. I'm guessing by "upright" you mean the basic training course (not sure how it works over in NSW). 2 half-day sessions, pass the bit at the end and I'm allowed my Ls. :)
  14. Yeah...that's the upright over here.

    But the half day sessions are normally right after each other. So a Monday & Tuesday or a Saturday & Sunday. Is weird they even put a week between your days!

    Move to Sydney! lol
  15. That's what I get for being a country bum. lol

    Haha no thanks! Living in this rural area of crow-eater land has it's disadvantages, but there are some good points too!
    (namely no city traffic, 15 minutes from awesome no-tourist beaches, less cops, countless different types of roads to ride, tons of dirt and pines areas for dirt-bikes, and roughly 30mins from the Mac Park track)... and if I ever need to head to a city, it's a good excuse for a long ride! ;)
  16. Okay...okay...sheesh! Don't have to rub it in so much....lol....

    I know what you mean. I'd give up the city life in an instant if I could. I was born in a remote mining town in WA. Love the bush!