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I'm being a proud mum

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Charmed, Oct 12, 2006.

  1. Couple of weeks ago, Trent, son 2 was selected to represent the Victorian Australian Army Cadet Brigade in the Chief of Army Cadet Team Challenge @ Kapooka NSW.

    Some in here will understand how important & what an honour it is to be selected for something like this. Especially for a cadet.

    While there Four Corners did a story & will air next Monday 16 Oct @ 20.30

    :LOL: Also if you do go & read the background on the story if you look @ the line of kids on the right of image, the very tall kid 2nd from front is Trent.

    So indulge me, take a look & condsider about watching the show. Show support for our future soliders.
  2. Way to go Charmed :grin:

    I'll be sure to watch it..or tape it if I am out riding :)

    I'm sure he will do you proud!

    Give him a pat on the back from me.

    now..go and pack for the pink ribbon ride...you know ya want to :p
  3. Aren't mums cute!

    Good to see congrats to him and you
  4. Been there, had the haircut, paraded at 5:00am with my sheets wrapped round me, 1972, and it was tough.

    I look forward to seeing what it's like now, and I'm proud that YOU'RE proud of the boy; our soldiers and trainees need support in a world where people like the ABC are driving the anti-war agenda....
  5. Will be interesting to see just what spin the ABC put on this story.
  6. Congratulations to Charmed and #2 son! :)
  7. Yep Hornet, I've had the haircut too and all the other stuff not in 1972 but :wink: I reckon a few blokes on this site would have done the same.

    It's great to see kids get involved in their nation and be part of something bigger than themselves. Nothing more moving than a good passing out parade (and the amber comrades afterwards :grin: )

  8. Whether Australia should be there or not is debatable. But for our troops, I have the utmost respect and support for them. Congratulations to your son and for you being proud of him.
  9. Congrats Trent and mum! What an honour.
  10. Congrats to your son. You must be beaming :)

    Love and respect to all our future Soldiers - with lovinging respect and honour for My Father and Grandfather.
  11. Congratulations Charmed and well done to the young bloke. Keep up the good work and enjoy the moment.

    Indeed our future is in our kids hands.
  12. congratulations to your son and it's good to have a parent's support. i wish i had of done cadets. oh well im still trying to join the army anyway