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Im back!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by ELX, May 29, 2006.

  1. Hey guys,
    You might remember me from a while ago. I know kbraz and toka will as i have there rjays jacket sitting next to me right this moment! Anyway, a couple of months ago i got my learners, and was looking for a road bike. Sold off my dirtbike, and was all set to buy a roadie, when i realised i'd rather get a little more skill at riding before taking it to the streets. So i bought myself a pitbike :roll: It is great fun but now it's up for sale. And this time im getting the rodie for sure! I feel confident that i've got enough basic skils to survive the road for at least a couple of weeks :shock: But seriously. I cant wait to get a rode bike and come out riding with some of you guys. Still counting down the days until i have my p's. Just about exactly 8 weeks now!

    Anyway im just posting to say gday again! And to ask for some more advice :wink: As usual haha. Im still trying to figure out what i should be buying. I know i want a sportbike. But in that, i want something learner freindly, torquey, powerfull, responsive and something that i can easily ride both around the surburbs as well as with you guys or whoever else on the weekends on more "spirited" style rides. Im pretty small, bout 5'6, so something pretty light and lowish would also be good. Ill have about $3500-4000 to spend but everythings neogitable remember :grin: Was thinking maby a spada or vtr (if i find one for that price) would be good? I do want a sporty feeling bike, with a somewhat aggressive body positioning so i can take it around corners at speed without feeling to sketchy. Would i be better off with a cbr or something? Or possibly a bandit? Remebering that i dont want to 1. Die or 2. Pay millions in insurance every day. But i do want a sporty feeling bike too, so there has to be some middle ground somewhere!

    Anyway, im knackered after typing all that, so ill leave it there!

    Thanks in advance...

  2. try search as this question comes up only every other day!
  3. also try posting the same question only once when your search turns up no result!