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I'm back!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mipearson, May 19, 2006.

  1. After a long hiatus of living in the CBD and not owning a bike, I've moved out to North Melbourne, come off my restrictions, and am picking up an '81 CBX750 tonight.

    No more waiting in traffic for me, nosir!

    As it's been a while I think there's things I've missed. Have the bike tolls on the Citylink come in yet? Have cops started busting people for lanesplitting at stop lights?

    I really dont' want to start an argument thread here - it's been done - but I want to know what to expect as I've been in the cage and the pushy for nearly a year now.
  2. Welcome back.
    No Citylink tolls for bikes and according to the latest AMCN no laws banning lanesplitting, yet.
  3. Welcome back, indeed.
    The CBX-750, eh, I always did like the twin-headlight look, although whether they were any good, I guess you're about to find out :grin:
  4. Hey, it's a crapbike until I get some money together. I'm not asking for "good" just "moves forward, steers, and stops".

    I mean the thing cost me less than $1500, you can't ask for much, can you?
  5. Hey there!!

    Welcome back!!!!! :grin:

    Did you find a good housemate in the end?
  6. Welcome back :grin: