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Im Back.

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by deadman, Nov 5, 2011.

  1. Well I made it.

    21 days. Fiji to Bundaberg, single handed on my new Pussy. 34 foot sailing Catamaran.

    I will be in Bundaberg for a few days, probably about Wednesday. then up anchor and head for Melbourne.

    Another two or 3 weeks of sailing before I am home again.

    Heather is a worry wort, She cant get her head around the fact that it takes me 3 hours to go 12 Nautical miles,

    Had a few scary moments, but my vessel is a proud testament to the builder that it is a very capable Blue water boat.

    When I get home.

    Out comes the Bird and I am going to Tasmania for a few weeks.

    My Blackbird does a bit better than 4 to 8 knots. Hahahahahahaha.

    I have had enough sailing for a while.

    Its the most gratifying and best acheivement that I have ever done, I am proud of myself.

    Considering, I cant sail for shit, and I have never driven a boat of this size ever.

    Rank novice. But common sence and an ability not to die in the arse when the going gets tough. Cool calm and collected, seen me through. and watching a lot of extreme sailing video's before I went certainly paid off for me.

    Catch up soon.

  2. welcome back (sort-of :LOL:)
  3. Great work. Sounds like fun. I just hope that you remember how to stop when you berth. 8-[

    Enjoy the rest of the cruise.
  4. Congrats on your first crossing, deserves at least a Bundy and coke for your effort.
  5. Excellent stuff. Congrats.

    You deserve doing a few hundred Ks of twisties on the bird.
  6. Well done deadman. Pleased to have you back. The place has been really quiet, except for all these young blokes talking twaddle.

    That's a little boat in the middle of a lot of salt water, mate. Not a small achievement. Respect.

    When you greet the bird, don't forget to put your foot down. It's a mono, not a multi. You don't want to capsize at the first set of lights.
  7. I am not young!

    Welcome back Deadman - respect for an awesome achievement.
  8. welcome back brian, great work on the sailing! i still fall under the young category but i will say i sailed a few times in my even younger years :p

    will be good to see you back out on the bird! tassie is a great place!
  9. I will be in the South Maroochy River tomorrow if any of you want to come visit and say hello.

    Not sure where yet, I will give you address when I get there and parked,

    34 foot sailing catamaran in all white, Has black Genoa.

    Tere Hau Nui, Morro Bay, Calif.

  10. When are you planning to head south? Bit of weather moving up the coast for the weekend.
  11. Inspirational bud!

    Tis all

  12. Nice one buddy, done coffs to lord howe on my own on a 35 footer a few times about 10 years ago.

    Just remember, in bundaberg you can get a haul like i did on monday just past... (of course, the two on the right end i had opened already!).

    edit: left to right:
    Reserve, Five, Port Barrel Aged x2, Founding Fathers x2, Watermark x2, Black x2, Red, 100 proof Red x6, Royal Liquer, Red.

    Attached Files:

  13. That picture could keep me happy for ... days!
  14. Any idea what happened to their distillers no.3?
  15. Big question... how much did it all cost?? Prolly keep it in a cellar and be a liftetime's supply for me lol
  16. Really keen to try that 100 proof Red, I love the normal Red. Five was a massive let down.

    Oh and Welcome kinda back Deadman, as good as sailing is I bet you can't wait to get back on the bird.
  17. Hahaha me too if i wasnt working :p. At least a couple weeks for me there...

    Yeah they stopped making the #3 about 18 months or so ago - asked the question myself whilst there as a friend asked me to see about a bottle for him :).

    That, plus a few bottles of 8 year, another royal liqueur, and two watermarks that friends asked for totalled ~1500.

    I havent got to the 100 proof yet, just finished the last of the normal red. At the distillery it was 6 bottles for 285. Going to try out the reserve first, just because i can...
    The five i havent had - mrs messy wanted it to compare to bacardi - will report back on that if/when she gets around to it!
  18. I really only have rum when mixed with coke. It still disappears quick enough.
  19. Congratulations Brian, that is a huge achievment!

  20. Congrats and welcome back.

    Bird will be a nice change of pace for you...

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