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I'm back....

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by suzyq, Aug 30, 2010.

  1. Hey guys,

    A few of you may well remember me.. anyway I'm back. I now live in Gulgong and haven't been riding for some time but I've decided to get the Hornet back on the road. I've still got the little Spada too and I'll get her roadworthy too so my partner can ride her. (He needs to get his L's, it's only a computer test out here:grin:) Think of you guys often and the great fun we had. I miss our Sat arvos at the Fiddler. I'm sorry there are not more of us netrider's out this way, if there where I never would have stopped riding. If anyone is from Mudgee way let me know and maybe we can get together for a ride.

    Chickibabe: If you are out there.. I'm back! Miss you heaps! xoxo

    Sue :dance:
  2. hey, welcome (back)

    not too many twisties around mudgee, as I recollect, nevertheless ANY road on a Hornet is better than no road...
  3. Hey Sue,

    Glad to hear you are back riding, not much happening at the Fiddler these days Im afraid. Lou is deinitely around and still going strong. Come and visit soon!.

  4. Hey Hornet & Karl,

    Good to see a few familiar ummm faces are still around. At first glance it all seemed so unfamiliar! Yes Hornet you are right, not many twisties around here at all. But still nice country roads (well mostly!) and noooo traffic. And better still traffic lights are unheard of out this way. I gotta say that you tend not to ride at night, too many hopparoos..8-[! There are a lot of cruisers out this way, the Harley contingent is quite strong. There is a Gulgong Historic Motorcycle Club, but the Spada is not quite old enough.. only about 8 years to go though!


  5. Welcome back m'lady!
  6. Welcome back Sue ! If I'm anywhere near Mudgee I'll certainly let you know.
  7. fixed
  8. Welcome back ol' timer!!
  9. Love your work, smee(legend) (y)

    Miss you heaps too ridding buddy.

    the fiddler, is it still going, LOL. Only kidding, has been a while,
    mr magoo is back on the road now, so will have to ride up your way one weekend.
    the girls are loving it back on the bike.:biker:
    See ya soon!!!!
  11. Hey Lou,

    That's great. I hope you can come out this way shortly.. I am in the process of trying to get a group of ladys together to ride on a regular basis. But i'm afraid to say it is more 'Harley' country out here.. I'm having a meeting at the local pub on the 5 October.. I hope some ladies come and are interested in riding together.

    I so miss the whole social aspect of riding. I'm pleased to hear Tuhi is back on the road.


    PS this site changes everytime I visit!
  12. I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN with the changes, I get lost, everytime I come back to catch up on things

    Im a maybe for your ride, magoo owes me 3 tanks of fuel LOL