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I'm back, with a bike this time!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Tigress, Dec 20, 2012.

  1. So after months and months of indecision I bought a bike. Thanks to my awesome boyfriend for his help. Honda cbr250r from Moto GC Thomastown. Went for a cruise around the shop's carpark and will there for a few more sessions before I try local quiet streets. Bike's name is Alvin :) I'll get a pick of me on it soon :D


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  2. Welcome back good to see you took the plunge
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  3. Welcome back!
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  4. Thanks Heather and Aly :) Feels great to be a bike other than the HART ones lol looking forward to learning.....slowly :)
  5. Get him to ride it into Saturday practise for you
  6. He rarely has a Sat off work :( and to be honest, the last thing he will do is wake up at 9am to take me to practice lol but he is keen for me to learn and I'm lucky he has the skill to teach me a thing or too.

    One of my goals is to get down to St Kilda, keep you all updated :)
  7. Hey welcome back and congratulations on the new bike... look forward to seeing you down at Sat prac...
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  8. Thanks John. Hope to make it down one day soon.

    Was amazing how I was so nervous getting on MY bike but as soon as a did a couple of laps it all came back to me. I am one VERY happy girl!
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  9. Here's me before my practice run tonight. My big feet in boots aren't going so well. ...runners feel better but gotta get used to boots.

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  10. I'm shit at naming things lol but Alvin from the chipmunks :)
  11. what is this I read??? lol
    congrats, what a crissy present :)
    well done Tash, just take your time, and remember saturday morning prac sessions?? They still happen, the learner rides still happen, get the good tips from your boyfriend and start enjoying yourself, nice to hear you have made a decision and hope you dont feel guilty , congrats again :)
  12. Thanks Goddie, couldn't stop thinking about riding and just did it, with my bfs help. Not feeling guilty but my number one concern is to learn lots and stay safe :) as everyone else wants. Having fun so far.
  13. Does it squeak in a high pitched sound when you ride it?
  14. sounds like the priorities are right :) 'slow n smooth' with the controls and take your time, you'll be good before you know it :)
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  15. Did some practice on the road yesterday! Behind some factories, slowly, slowly. Having trouble, thinking too much about what I have to do when I slow down or what comes first. Bike either in too low gear or too high....ahhh so much to learn.
  16. Yes there is a lot to learn, but you don't have to do it all this week.

    If you're already going slow, you don't need to slow down.:LOL: Works for me!!
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  17. Congrats on the bike! Keep practicing and soon enough you'll be able to bring yourself down to saturday practice without your boyfriends help. Just shout out when you're ready and some folk will come and escort you in if you wish.

    Good luck, stay safe and HAVE FUN!
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  18. I'm giving my brain and my boyfriends sanity a rest until Wed lol I went missing for a few minutes and he was stressed. I missed a turn, went straight, stalled and waited til I was composed then back to him.