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I'm back on the road

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by chickibabe, Jul 23, 2006.

  1. HI the guy's and gals, just wnated to say I'm back on the road after how long (10 weeks I think) :grin: . Picked up my bike on friday night, and I can not get the smile off my face, althought I have not been out on the rode yet. Just up and down my drive way to get use to the new clutch. So I have been out washing and polishing it for 2 days :LOL: All up it cost me $900 with labour, (off the books) But I just need to take it to a workshop to get the mixtures set (i think :oops:) just running a little lean/rich ( :?: ). So this week only working 2 days so I'll be out there. A little nervous but looking forward to it. Well just wanted to let you know. I had to tell someone :LOL:

    Cheers Lou

    I'm a :angel: so I keep telling myself

  2. Hey Lou congratulations :)
    I'm just back on the road this week myself after 6 weeks, i'll be doing all of the final fixing/oil change/polishing and cleaning tomorrow before i get back on and out later this week :LOL:
  3. Welcome back to the fold :biker:
  4. Thanks guys, see ya out there
  5. Well can not get :grin: off my face today/tonight went for a ride today after what would it be now, 10-11 weeks. Tell you what the old heart was pumping. But was GREAT. Althought I'm sick and tide of looking at bikes Hubby has decieded he needs another bike, so there goes my gs500f for another year :cry:. But anyway went into parramatta and back almost got taken out by a one of those little festivas cagers a girl on P's that could hardly see over steering wheel :mad: . Although you couldn't miss me with a bright fluro vest on over my leathers, at first I felt like an idiot wearing it, but glad I did I felt a little more safe :) , hubby was a little worried about me as I have not been out there for so long and it keep him happy too. Well I'm back and loving it again :cool:,

    see you out there

    I'm an :angel: so I keep telling myself
  6. That's awesome!11!!

  7. God for you! More the shame we're here talking about it on a Friday night :)