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I'M BACK ! I think...???

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by petrochemicals, Jun 6, 2013.

  1. G'day....I'm in Melbourne.
    Once upon a time (lol) i owned an NSR, then an RGV 250. They were good times, but didn't last all that long. The guys i rode with sold up, and i eventually got bored of rolling around below the speed limit. I sold up too, but only intending on it being a temporary break from riding.
    Unfortunately my health started failing me, and for the next 15 years, the closest i got to bikes again, was having those vivid dreams of being on the bike, but then waking to the reality of never riding again.
    But somehow, dont ask me why, my health improved a bit, and i have just bought a CBR 600 F4i ! Sometimes miracles do happen...lol

    Sorry bout the essay....

  2. Welcome back
  3. Great that your back on a steed, and improving health
  4. Great bike - very stealable though so look after it.

    Bikes are great for mental health - hope the physical side catches up to you chirpy insides. Welcome back to two wheels.
  5. As above. Welcome back.
  6. good story. welcome (back)
  7. Cheers guys... The title says, ( i think ?:ninja: ) because, for the short time i've been back riding, i'm already feeling a little deja vu o_O. The friend that got me interested again, has backed out of buying a bike, so i don't really have anyone else to ride with. It's left me bored and second guessing whether i should sell the road bike, and maybe buy a dirt bike to camp and take in some scenery. I know someone who will never ride on the road again, but would consider a dirt bike if i get one. Are there any club rides, or do any of you guys on this forum get together sometimes ? :wideyed: cheers
  8. Why can't you ride by yourself? If you want to travel with someone, take the car.
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  9. Mate, stop feeling sorry for yourself and show some nuts. You have overcome health issues so overcome this.

    Look at NR (and other biking web sites) and join the rides and rallies that are easily found therein. You will meet a great cross-section of people who share a common interest, some say passion. You will ride with the young, brave and bulletproof. You will ride with the old, wise and not so bold. There are many shades in between. Some say even more than fifty. You can be sure that the vast majority are great people. Even the dick-heads have a certain charm and often display an independence of mind that can grow on you. Some may become new mates and in time develop into "old mates".

    Get on the road and get into it.
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  10. Yes, seriously, riding with other people is nice, but you're always wondering what's happening to the person in front, and wondering why the person behind hasn't appeared in your mirrors yet.
    Riding is what it's all about, and while there are risks involved in riding alone, riding should be fun no matter. If it isn't then maybe you're not cut out for it, solo or in groups.
  11. What on earth is with the increase of this forum telling people they are not cut out for riding? What the hell? He doesn't want to ride solo....and? Where's the problem? how does it effect you?

    Petro click on the link I posted or go to the Events (VIC) subforum. There are plenty of people wanting company for rides. You'll find it there.
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  12. Grumpy old fart syndrome.
  13. It's the Blabbus effect. Ignore it and it'll go away.
  14. Or the Sir Ride A Lot effect - ignore it and... It'll post more.
  15. Go for a ride with QuarterWit, he likes lobster by the way so wear a t shirt with a big lobster on it.
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  16. Either way, you just need to ignore that sort of rubbish. Everyone has to start somewhere, be they 18 or 80. Some new (or returning) riders have huge confidence issues to begin with (over or under) and some just knuckle down and get on with it, and all of them(us) could do with some assistance from the more experienced among us. Ultimately, nobody wants to see another rider injured and we all want them(us) to get through the initial shaky learning period and survive so I don't quite understand the "you're shit, get off the road" attitude. It wouldn't happen face-to-face so why does it happen on the forum?
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  17. Sheeez...lol o_O o_Oo_O :applause: Who said anything about inexperience or confidence ? Did i not mention that i rode NSR's, RGV's and am currently riding a CBR 600 ?... and yes i do take the car when its either freezing pissing with rain, or scorching hot in my suit which is normally one or the other in Melbourne. All i was trying to say was, unless i meet some new people who ride, twisting the throttle in first gear for 1 1/2 seconds to the speed limit is boring for me at the moment. All i wanna do is meet some people and get inspired again !:peace: I'm wrapped that i found this site, and im looking forward meeting you all !
  18. Saturday morning practice is a good place to meet riders of all levels. Generally there are Saturday and Sunday rides. If you are keen some multi day trips occur in the warmer months.
  19. riding with people isn't my strong suit, i like to ride alone, and don't like meeting new people so can't really help you out there, but it seems there is plenty of groups on here that facilitate new folk and group rides n such, i see heaps of posts and threads on their travels and quite enjoy reading them :) so do a bit of a search.

    wouldn't tag along though, but that's just me.
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