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I'm Back Baby!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by patske, May 29, 2005.

  1. I finally got my fizzer started today, all this after the mechanic sent it back to me saying it had no compression in any of the cylinders and couldn't start it. I just left the choke on full and held the ignition switch for about 20 seconds it started up and I left it to idle for 10mins, and now its fine I guess, well as good as it was when I first got it anyway.

    I went for a good ride today, but thing is I'm still learning and thus still a bit sketchy. I had my stepdad drive behind me the whole trip so I felt a lot safer, he told me I have a tendancy to swing left before I have to turn right and vice versa, I though this is the way we were taught but yeah anytips? Oh and I have trouble If im at a set of lights and I have to turn left or right from a stop start like I seem to travel straight for too long on the start and turn a little late causing me to run wide but yeah any tips from you mogul's would be appreciated. :D I'm BACK!!!
  2. That swinging to the left just before a right and vice versa is okay so long as your staying within your own lane eg left (car)wheel track to do a right turn.
    Taking off from a stand still and then into a turn, IMHO you are probably concentrating on alot of things and leaving the steering a little too late and perhaps not quite enough. Just takes practice to get the timing together and a little earlier.

    Good luck with your riding.
  3. Congrats on getting her running again! :D
    ...but don't think your out of the woods yet. Keep in mind that although its running, it may well be low on compression... and it may be on its way out. Take it easy, try and not flog her and she may be good to you for a while to come.
  4. And don't take tips from a non-rider either, they might confuse the issue! Get out to coffee night and have one of the guys follow you around on the way home.
  5. Fantastic!!!
    Your stepdad following you! My hat to him.
    Who knows,....maybe he'll get himself a bike too!!
    p.s. listen to all the tips,...and make your own style!
  6. Just remember to look where you want too go, I have found my wife has the same problem, shes looking down at the controls and straight ahead, just remember where you look is where you go. So just look to your right and head for that spot and you will find that a bit easier.
  7. nice good work patske :D

    good to hear.. dont break it again <:
  8. Glad to hear your bike's running dude. Swerving one way before turning? Sounds a bit like exaggerated counter steering. You'll probably just refine your technique the more you ride. And turning from a standstill, I had issues with that when I started riding, found it easier the more I did it. Just had to gain the confidence to lean into the turn while hardly moving.

    Cheerz, Andrew.