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I'm back baby!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ShadowGT, Jan 31, 2012.

  1. Thats right baby!


    Everyone's favorite cartoon pony loving, green GPX riding, drop dead sexy, & all round awesome guy is back on two wheels.

    Some of you might remember my crash i had back in early December (or was it late November?) well i finally got my bike back from the mechanic. Protip everyone if your gonna crash don't do it over Xmas break, The wait on parts was killer. I don't think ill be using Powersports Kawasaki again after how long it took them to get the replacement fairings etc.

    So anyway who's ready to go riding? i know i am :D
  2. Congrats on getting back on two wheels.
  3. Yeah feels great. I've been missing it so much this past 2 months. Probably gonna head to this Saturday's training session to brush up cos im riding a lil rusty at the moment after not riding at all.
  4. Buy a second bike, thats what i do. One off the road ride the other.
  5. Lol me too. Been riding sv this week cos battery on kato shat itself
  6. i did that, but while the wr250 was getting a fork rebuild, the vtr250 blew the regulator.:-({|=

    maybe i need to start collecting bikes:angel:?????
  7. Shy, little thing aren't you?
  8. Hehe.

    Q: What's better than owning a bike??

    A: Owning 2 bikes.
  9. Welcome back mate..=D> .same for me mate just had me bike back from the crash , waited for parts for three months . Now i am a bit rusted on the riding so i need to learn how to ride again...Good luck mate and ride safe....Cheers Cam...
  10. Welcome back, Shadow.

    Look forward to seeing you there on Sat.
  11. You better have ponies on the bike or I'm reporting you for false advertising.
  12. Welcome back brother!

  13. I still have a few stickers lying around. i'll see what i can do :D
  14. Welcome back.
  15. Use the kick starter!
  16. Eh!?...
    What's better than owning a bike?...
    ... nothing!
  17. Riding the bike you own, of course :D
  18. Amen to that :D