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I'm back after Black Spur accident!!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Quo Vadas, May 16, 2010.

  1. Well, 8 weeks after having an accident on the Black Spur and riding both myself and my bike off, I got my new bike today and went for my first ride since the accident. Bought myself another CBR250RR and I'm so happy with the bike. I was a bit tentative at first when I hopped on the bike because when I had my accident I broke my humerus bone in half and shattered the ball joint at the top of the shoulder. Some thoughts about the crash entered into my head but I was too excited and have already gone over what went wrong and aknowledge them accordingly. 8 screws and a hefty titanium plate now hold my arm together and I must say that all of the surgery, physiotherapy and mental pain that I have gone through quickly dissolved as I exited out of my house and rode down along the beach. I couldn't get the smile off my face and although I was cautious, it felt just SO right getting back on the bike and doing what I love doing. I live to ride.....................(y)

  2. Welcome back to two wheels Quo Vadas. Hadn't seen a post from you for a while so I was wondering how you were after your incident. So you can't get through Airport metal detectors now? An obvious terrorist ;)
  3. As they say..everyone who rides will fall, some will get back on, some wont...and some can't.
    Good to hear you are back on two wheels.
  4. way to go Quo Vadas :)
  5. Way to go, mate. I too, am champing at the bit to get on and ride again.
  6. good job!

    i also cant wait to get back on! although i wont have a bike of my own for a while, ill be able to ride my old mans 250... once i get a new helmet.

    enjoy the ride and take care :)
  7. Dont like that quote at all, we dont have to fall 8-[
  8. After riding for 17+ years. I reckon it is true.

  9. Whilst I have not been on motorbikes long, I have been on scooters. I have had 2 crashes now. First time I was a little dubious, second time I vowed never too get on 2 wheels again. Took me while, but I did get back on. Still shit myself though. I freak out when someone pulls out of a drivway in a 2 lane road. Also crap myself when someone pulls up to an intersection and brakes late. I am sure I will get over that, even if I dont it may save me one day.
  10. It's good to see you back, take care and enjoy

  11. Hi Chris, I found it hard to type with my arm poking out in a weird position - look like that mutant protruding out of Arnold Schwarzanegers gut in Total Recall. Looking forward to going to my first Thursday night Netrider session hopefully this week.
  12. Great to hear you're back so quick after surgery. I'm still waiting for the insurance payout so I can replace the gear at least & ride the G/F bike.
    G/F is in Amsterdam for another 2 months, so no hurry replacing the bike!

  13. Thanks for that. I found myself a great physio and worked religously everyday on my exercises and also did some hydrotherapy work. Not going for massive rides yet as my arm starts to ache a bit after an hour. Hope the payout comes through so you can replace your stuff.
  14. Good to hear you're getting back on.
    Second cbr? Just wondering, how much did the insurance shell out for your first one?

  15. Hey Doeven, yeah I do like the CBR's and I opted for this over the RVF400 that I was going to buy. Save my money and grab the Daytona 675 in 8 months time! :cool: I got paid out $5500 and my cover also included a new helmet. Got the same cover for my new bike and scored $100 off my policy for being a returning customer....sweet.
  16. Nice, i think i'm insured for "market value" which i'm not really sure about, with a possible $600 extra for gear replacement.
    Restricted license + cbr + 22y/o rider = epic premium
    Which company are you with?
  18. I think you're better to insure it for agreed value. I nominated $6k for my new bike. I'm with RACV and I found them to be extremely good with my insurance claim. Great service and got paid out no probs. I'm 36 and my insurance is just on $400 with a $300 excess.

  19. When and where did you have your crash and how long until you can ride again. I can only move my arm up to shoulder height at the moment but that's enough to get back on the bike at the moment and get it moving. My physio won't be impressed when I rock tomorrow with my helmet under my arm. Also glad to hear your getting back on the bike......nice.
  20. went down on the 18/4 in the natio... couple of passing by riders help me out by calling me an ambo and taking off my helmet. Ambos convinced me that they had to take off my leathers...the pain was quite "interesting" but they gave me morphine and stuck a green whistle in my mouth...didnt really help with the pain but it made me tipsy!

    Umm I have my next appointment with the specialist in 4 weeks so well see how it goes. I have been keeping in touch with my bike though..she's almost ready to go back on the road. mid and lower fairings left which ill finish when these dam semester exams are over. had the cast off for 2 weeks and just been using the arm alot.

    my lovely souveniors..