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IM BACK !!!! 1 legged kingy - Wollongong

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by kingy, Aug 26, 2015.

  1. Hey Fellow NetRiders

    Some of you guys might remember me from a few years ago ...

    I had a bad accident on my old VT750 in Dapto
    I actually had a fellow Netrider member come into hospital and vist me ...

    well its been 3 years nearly to the day that I had my accident ...
    im not back in the saddle just yet but I have bought myself a BARN YARD SPECIAL CT110 ..

    bloke literally had to move 6 hay bails to get it out . hadn't been started for 5 + years..
    same fuel in the tank.. anyway I bought it and carted it 3hours back home .

    I got it started but cant get it to idle so I have bought a few things of ebay to get me started...
    im going for a bobber look
  2. Welcome back, stranger - good to hear from you again!

    hornethornet - here's the answer to the mail I sent you a couple of years ago (he was hiding all the time!).
  3. im trying to remember who it was that came in to vist me was it you ???

    its been a while lol
  4. G'day kingykingy, welcome back to Netrider. A CT110 bobber is going to be unique as a Showcase item, no doubt you'll have a lot of fun on it.
  5. I believe it was Hornet, I mailed you a couple of times to see how you were going but you'd disappeared. You where located near Mac Pass if I remember correctly.
  6. Welcome back. Start a project thread on your Postie, we will be happy to follow your project. (y)
  7. Hornet that's it...yeah correct I was down that way...
    however I had to move back into my parents house in Heathcote to get back on my feet ...
    I then moved to Kiama lived there for about a year
    but now live in Flinders .....

    yeah I got rid of that old email due to a ex wife lol ....

    yeah will do cjvfr :)
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  8. Welcome back, Kingy!

    Well done on your recovery ... and your bravery in getting back into the saddle. The project looks a treasure!
  9. Kiama ... might have run into a couple of friends of yours down Jamberoo way couple of weeks ago. One's got a Triumph Storm 2008 model and the other was on a Ducati? Can't remember their names but right friendly blokes.
  10. Welcome back...
  11. welcome back:]
  12. Kingy, welcome back!!!!!!

    Yes I did come and see you in hospital, I try and do that as often as I can with local and Sydney riders who have problems....

    So you're in Flinders? I live in Warilla now and work one day a week at Flinders Public School.

    So what was (is) your medical situation now?????
  13. Call him Mr. Spigot.
  14. Hey mate ,

    Yeah i live not far from the school :) 500m away

    well i have had multiple operations but I'm happy to say that i still have both my legs :)
    I'm back at work now full time doing 6 days a week , but back in the office which is ok by me , but not ok with my belt size :(

    however I'm in pretty good spirits been through a lot but have had awesome family and friends to support me ...
    My court case is still going on but i hope to have in finalised all within the next 6-12months.

    i had some money down in a brand new Fatboy lo but couldn't come to terms of being on the road just yet.. so i went looking for a cheap project that hopefully will turn heads when complete ...
    it will get done when it gets done :)
  15. I'm about to try and work out how to start a project section on this new improved updated forum
  16. kingykingy Post up when you're ready to ride and we'll join you.
  17. it will be a long time mate i just posted a build thread u will see how much work i am in for...