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Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by bass_player, Dec 17, 2008.

  1. Ok well long story short, I sold my old Honda Spada (among other assets)to head overseas on the backpacking adventure of a lifetime..... and returned home within 3 months (damn pommie weather!) Now its time to get myself another ride. I'm still trying to decide whether to go for a cruiser or not but lately have been leaning towards a sports or tourer (or similar). Budget is around $7000 for something from 600cc to 1000cc to be used for the daily commute but also a bit of fun on the weekend. I've had a look at a 1999 ZX9R and loved the look. Still waiting to take it for a test though.

    Any other ideas? Cheers!
  2. Personally I think getting behind the bars of one is like getting behind the wheel of a bus. But those who want sports tourers seem to really swear by the 9R Just ask Loz or Rob (Funny how it used to be considered a Sports bike, not it’s considered a Sports Tourer… How times change
  3. anysportsbike that you can carry a bag on the back (ie mount a rack too) is a sports tourer off sorts :wink:
  4. The 9R is a road focussed sports bike. Solid and dependable and with excellent road ergs. Compared to today's crop of litre bikes, it's considered as a very sporty tourer, but that's because the current crop are a chirpractor's wet dream.

    The best of the breed is the 2002/2003, but I think the '98 or '99 actually has a bit more raw power... the power to weight ratio is less though that the '02/'03 models. The '98 won IBOTY IIRC.

    Most of its competitors went to litre bikes around 2000+

    If your budget is limited to the '99 9R ball park, then you should also look at the comparable fireblade's which were fairly capable bikes as well.
  5. Will swear by a 2000-2001 929 fireblade, fantastic bike. Does everything really well, they're injected too but with that budget it prob wouldn't leave a lot for insurance etc but well worth a look.
  6. or for the same price buy a 1999 VTR250, with $300 to spare on insurance :shock:

    wankers think they can get anything for a bike lol

  7. Good point Nibs... but how about trimming that link...?
  8. Cheers for the replies guys! Insurance and gear wont be an issue as i've budgeted for that and isn't included in the $7k for a ride. The ZX9R I was looking at has since been sold so i'll be keeping an eye out for another and will look into the CBR a bit more too. Thanks again