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I'm at Coffee Night, Williamstown

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by SmittyGumby, Sep 9, 2013.

  1. I'm here where are people?

  2. Either stand up and yell "Hey netrider people where are you?" or ask the waitress
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  3. SmityGumby we are here at the groove lounge always in the back right corner.

    Small but dedicated group tonight ... Topics :)

    The ugly duckling BMW1200c / cl
    Abbots boobies
    Flavor of nuts ... Thanks ladies
    Salad in general
    Marty's trip and airhawks

    Possibly mentioned ABS (cannot be confirmed)
  4. I came in... i was the loner that ordered a glass of coke and kept checking his phone... i saw you guys in the corner but didn't know it was 'you guys'
    I found the lack of motorbikes disturbing.... It was a nice night for a ride... ended up running Altona / Laverton truck routes for a bit... then headed Albert Park then finished off at Lygon st. Wasn't a waste of a night... haha.

    Well, there's always next week. Now I know.