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im an idiot

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by kyro_02, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. he he, yeah i am...

    so I bought a Honda CBR250 RR ( im off my restrictions and could have got something more powerful) but as i barely have a license, I think the 250cc will do just fine

    so I picked up this bike for $4,000 with 31,000ks on the clock, off a mate

    i had to buy a tacho mount, left foot peg, left mirror(i broke). the bike runs good, just doesn't start good, the other day i tried to start it from leaving it over night, and it just kept cranking and cranking and would not start, the battery went flat. i was F this an F'n that, and i calmed down, put the bike back on the stand, and the bike toppled over, so I raged even more i felt like stomping the hell out of the pos. it has scratches down the left hand side, engine cover and rear pillion surround thingy me bob. after owning it for 1 day.

    so anyway, i took it to a bike shop and its on its second day, they apparently are going to look at the carbies etc. but could it also be an electrical fault? like its not drawing enough power to actually fire the bike up? i don't know, but it is really hard bike to start after leaving it over night, but once warmed up will start all day anytime. the previous owner did leave it in the weather for a little bit, as he dismantled and polished and re-painted all fairings. so could also be off fuel?

    i have more money then brains and i had my doubts about this bike, its given me hell ever since!!

    it is cherry black paint



  2. 1988 bike, 2008 problems....... I guess :(.
  3. Any more money you need to dispose of? :LOL:
  4. did it get wet overnight? even a mild amount of dew could cause the old "I dont want to start" issue, it certainly effects my 250 bandit...

    full choke and a jump start is a good remedy for my bike, starts easily, whereas i could crank and crank on the electrics and it will not budge.

    does seem like a fair outlay of cash though for the bike.
  5. enough fuel? is the engine switch on or off? is it in gear or neutral?
  6. Foulded spark plugs?
  7. sounds plugs to me.
  8. starts when hot so it cant be plugs
    try jump starting it in the cold
    if it work then its ur bat
  9. Beat shit out of now ex mate, get money back= profit?

    Regards, Andrew.
  10. kyro_02 were you the guy that had the white CBX250?
  11. ask for interest also.
  12. I believe so. We were well versed in that saga for a while.
    Maybe Honda's dont like him :?
  13. Lol I was thinking how much bad luck can you have!!! The CBX250 now this!!

    I know this sounds silly but kyro did you use the choke and was the fuel tap to the on position?
  14. Mano, Doesn't sound like a very good mate if he sold it to ya for that much money!

    Have you put fresh fuel in it? Although it does sound like it is the battery because once it's been running and had a bit of a charge it will start again. Maybe overnight the battery just dies out?

    Really i think you could of bought a way better 250 for 4K had you done your homework and looked around more by the sounds of it.
  15. Cut him some slack. It will be something simple.
    OP is beating himself up so no need for us to jump in as well.
    A good deal for him may not be a good deal for you. Its all subjective.
    Only the OP will know.
  16. no, i'm not.
  17. yeah its probably bugger all but may take time to check everything. good way to get to know the bike and make sure it is all good by going over each system. sure it sucks when you just got it but you will know its fine then. then the bike will be truely yours
  18. I guess the problem is not that it won't start as it sounds like a simple fix but the fact he got mad then dropped the bike on its side and then wanted to punch the crap out of it lololol
  19. yeah bike rage can be an issue with the kids these days. mind you i mangled a quarter panel on my old car about 10 years ago on the side of the road when it wasnt happy. then it started and was fine. so i say give it a sold kicking and then it will be ready for motoGP.