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I'm alive.... i made it

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Drew, Sep 29, 2006.

  1. Yep I rode to work today!!! 100Km in the cold on the highway.

    apart from 1 commodore everything was fine (had missus tailing me in the car) :grin:

    frozen fingers though so thicker gloves may be in order for early morning rides.

    and fogging up due to the temperature was bad... had visor partly open the whole way.

    I think i need to get my speedo checked though...... i was travelling at 100 all the way but the missus says I was going at 110-115 by the car. Guess i'll be travelling under the speed limit a bit till i know for sure :(
  2. That's a fair commute and it is a beautiful morning for a ride

    Well done & have a safe ride home.

    +1 for fogging. There's plenty of conflicting advice if you search the forums.
    +1 for how cold the hands get, even on my 80kph commute on the scoot.

    After a year of commuting, my best advice is not to get complacent. There are stoopid people everywhere.
  3. ...and I wouldn't necessarily assume the Commodore's speedo is the definitive, unimpeachable standard... ;)
  4. Way to go Drew! Awesome feeling huh?

    ....and you will never, ever get sick of it :grin:
  5. i didn't say that??... the commodore cut me off...:evil:

    the missus was in our VW Golf <6months old so i'd think it would be fairly accurate...still no guarantee though
  6. I'm with you Bravus :LOL:

    Drew is there a road around where you are with the signs at every kilometre for 5 kilometres so you can check your mileage/speed??? That would be the way to tell for sure, and it costs nothing....
  7. yeah was pretty good..... was wanting some bends in the road though ....the calder is too straight

    got rid of most of the nerves so i'll be back at some stage for coffee and other stuff :grin:

    i just hope i didn't score a speeding ticket :evil:

  8. not sure what you mean???

    the litle signs they stick on white posts... like K15?? meaning Kyneton in 15KM??

    i think i know a place where there is a few of them.

    i might just go for a ride with the missus tonight. she can drive and i'll compare speed.....
  9. Or you could go through one of those speed check thingies... they have one as you're getting on the city bypass M1 heading out to South East. Maybe someone could give a more accurate description of where it is exactly.

    Oh yes, Congrats on your "incident free" ride... hope to see ya at more coffees and rides soon.
  10. i could always ask a friendly country copper i guess :)

    yup. will definately be at more rides etc now.

  11. hey drew
    welcome to the commutors club it makes work more enjoyible cos u know you can jump on the bike and enjoy the ride to work :) and then you get to ride home :)
    i commute about 35-40 min to work got road sence lane filtering and freeway awareness to a new level....
    and loving it
    on the speedo just wondering if the chain and sprockets havent been changed to alter the ratio before you bought it ?
    does the spada feed the speedo from the crank or the front wheel ?
    or have the rims/tire size been changed ?
    may need to look at that one
    "remember all cars r out to get you !!!!"
    enjoy it

  12. Oops, I fail Reading Comprehension 101!

    I'd trust the Golf's speedo more than a Commodores, but still... the truth may well lie between the bike and the car reading, or somewhere else entirely!

    Anyway, good ride and good description: I'm all about the tales of rides with no spills!

    I need to chill with the exclamation marks!
  13. I think the Golf may even be a little slow but better to be safe than sorry.

    the Commodor in question was overtaking me the pulled in so close i had to brake rather quickly to not rear end him..... was expecting that a bit but not quite that close...... will be ready next time.
  14. Major Congats on the commute Drew. The fog up and other issues you will work thru in time. on bad days i crack the visor and wear sunnies under and it works fine. you can get sunnies that do the minimum so the are ok for pre-dawn/dawn riding, but you will find a thousand alternatives in a search. On the hands issue, thorougly recommend grip warmers as an option. I had my summer gloves on the other day and got held up and rode home in the cold night. Just flicked the switch and was toasty.
  15. i've got prescription glasses (no sunnies yet) and i was getting water dropplets on them! was fine once the sun came out and they cleared up. Started at 5:30 so a bit of fog about at well.

    heated grips might be an option... may look into them but i'm on a tight bike budget til after christmas..... so i'll see what Santa brings.
  16. 100ks in the morning, that's a good effort. As for the spee issue, I think I'm the same, but I haven't done anthing thing about it. I hope ignorance works. :)
  17. was my 1st ride on Melbourne so i think i did OK :grin:

    i'm just wondering if the bike has had different sprockets fitted... :-k
  18. Drew, i use anti fog/cleaner for glasses and have no probs, just give them a wipe every week or so. The cleaner function is important, you don't get residue build up. I got grip heaters that fit under your existing grips for $54, cheaper than heavier gloves.
  19. what brand cleaner is it??

    i have generic stuff from the optometrists but thats definately not anti fog :LOL:

  20. Scott USA - anti-fog cleaner. I got it from Bikemart (my favorite toy store). If you want to try it and can't find easy source, i have a small bottle that i originally bought that you are welcome to have.