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"I'm a very careful driver" UPDATE 1

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Zealt, Dec 24, 2008.

  1. What a load of $h!t, so the story goes,

    I was on a ride this morning before an 11 o'clock appointment, I had checked my watch at a set of lights and had 10 mins to get to Knox city and i was 5 mins away, so I turned up Boronia Rd heading up to stud road then i pull in to the left hand turn slip lane and stop.... well, umm.. BANG! some Physio in a district nurses car runs up the back of my GPX and pushes me out in to the road (Yeah could hit him up for free sessions but if his work is as bad as his driving, No thanks). No nothing was coming because he was watching for traffic over his shoulder and not in front of him.

    I pulled over and he followed me in and started to explain and give his apologies, I held my finger up in his face to make him shut up until i could get my helmet off and ear phones out, ok so i let him talk..

    He assured me he is a very careful driver, I let him know despite what he thinks he isn't as careful as he thinks he is, and that maybe looking in the direction of travel is probably the better choice then assuming its clear.

    He also says all damage will be paid for by insurance (doubt he knows whos insurance will be paying for it) but i'm not completely sure what i should be looking for or claiming.

    Number plate is bent up and ugly (I want a replacement)
    Right hand indicator lens is scuffed and scraped, same for the brake/Tail light (not sure how that one happened)
    Brand new rear tyre (less then 500k's) took a beating.
    Who knows about axle and swing arm bushes and pins.

    (Might put together a list and the prices for the insurance company)

    I don't feel physically injured but i'm going to see the doctor just after Christmas to get checked over.

    Anyone know somewhere around vermont/mitcham/ringwood where i can get it checked out for damages?


    Their insurance company has made first contact with me, ive been too busy to do much, i have one quote from FerntreeGully Kawasaki which has
    Swing arm alignment,
    Wheel alignment,
    Replacement left muffler
    replacement lens's for indicator and taillight
    think there throwing chain adjustment on it too and a couple other things i cant read (its written in cursive)

    And i have it booked in to the Peter Stevens in ringwood on monday morning for another one, if they turn up more im going to get a 3rd just so i have 2 with everything on it.
  2. Right now he is telling everyone who is listening how dangerous motorcycles are.

    By tomorrow the accident will have become your fault entirely
  3. The Exact same senario happened to me on my old 250 in ringwood. i ended up taking my bike to "custom bike repairs" in dandenong area? (was a few years ago).

    To all rider's on the road over the xmas period, I'd seriously think twice about taking the bike out.. I have seen some shocking accident's this week. its a dangerous time to be on the road in melb atm.

    Xmas day last year i was hit by a car and spent 6 days in hospital due to someone visiting relatives and "not knowing the road/area well" :roll:

    /end rant
  4. Well that was certainly one of the last things I expected to read when getting home from work. :|

    Hope the kwaka and yourself are ok. :)
  5. The dozy twit who rear-ended me was at least a bit more honest; "Sorry, mate, I wasn't watching where I was going!"

    er, well, yeah, obviously!

    Hope this works out ok for you; I hope for your sake he IS insured, if not, get your letter of demand off to him and ruin his Christmas/New year :LOL:
  6. Glad you have come out of it seemingly fine healthwise and can have a xmas with family and friends, when will drivers start looking, It so easilly could have been much much worse from your descriptions
  7. I find the Christmas holiday period a terrifying time to be on the roads; so much so that I limit myself to essential travel only during this time.

    The worst ones are the people who only ever drive as single occupants in peak hour traffic and once a year hit the highways with their 100+ km/hr speed limits in a fully loaded car and have no idea what effect this will have on the handling and braking ability of their vehicle.
  8. Good to hear you seem to be OK - fingers crossed that that is actually the case.

    Edit: took out the bit about seeing GP after realising that Zealt was asking for someone to check the bike, not himself (missed the word "it" in this sentence:

    I wonder whether the person who hit you has actually learnt that claiming to be a careful driver doesn't actually make it so; or will he continue to act in the same way, while still making sure that anyone he crashes into is told what a careful driver he is.
  9. Re: "I'm a very careful driver"

    That's what mechanics are for.
  10. Lucky it wasn't some hoon going a few ks faster

  11. Yeah lucky a lot of things, it could of been a lot worse, and I'm still holding on to hope that it's only be the lens covers and a tyre, I don't think i want to leave that one on there after seeing how much of it ended up on the guys bumper, looked like a good 40cm wide and 30 cm high of thick black rubber on his white bumper.

    If its anything more then that i get the feeling it could be written off, e.g bent swing arm or something similar.

    Guess i wont know untill one of you buggers tells me a good bike mechanic i can take it to for a checkup.

    I do everything else on the bike myself so i have no idea where i would find a RELIABLE bike mechanic in the area.

    someone has to know one...
  12. Just down Dorset road Brett Harrington at Madbiker is totally straight up in my experience. Won't beat around the bush and will give you honest answers. Highly recommend him, and he's looked after my partners GPX thus far.

    If it was me though I'd be straight onto my insurance company, let them both chase him and let me know what needs doing to the bike. If it's a write-off, so be it. Rather not play funny buggers when it's someone else's fault.
  13. I got rearended at a stop sign and have had the bike quoted for repairs. The 2 biggest items on the repair list are the new factory exhaust and the straightening required for the rear guard. Other items are mainly scratches eg new brake lever, new indicators etc. Yours might be similar depending on how hard the hit was compared to mine. My bike is a heavyish cruiser with all steel frame though, I dont know how that compares with yours.
    As for your personal injury, I found it took a day for all the aches and pains to kick in so get along to a doctor and get checked out so you at least have a medical report to support any injuries claim later. Apart from bruising the main injury I suffered was 2 sprained wrists - lucky I guess :)
  14. This reminds me of a time a few years ago, I was walking back to the office from lunch and a guy reversed out of a driveway and knocked a kid off of her bike.

    The guy jumps out of the car and says "It's ok, I'm a driving instructor!". The kid wasn't hurt and I certainly got a laugh out of it.
  15. I really do think there is stuff all damage, to any mechanical parts, Ive been hooning around on it today and all feels normal.

    I just want re assurance and to make sure all the cosmetic bits are taken care of.

    And i have noticed scrape marks up on the inside of the tail, im assuming the bumper of his car was well up in between the wheel and the tail section, I made a fender eliminator kit for it ages ago which saved the stock mud guard and number plate light and bracket, but i think its possible that it raised the tail up and pushed the wheel down which would of extended something past breaking point.

    Any my back is acting up now... funk it all to hell.
  16. Dude, if your back hurts, you need your GP to refer you for a scan.

    It's too easy to dismiss it as being stiff soft tissue. An MRI will show any disc prolapse which can lead to serious dramas. I had an L5 microdiscectomy 8 years ago after sky diving and it's a 3 month recovery. Since then have had a cortisone epidural for a repeat prolapse so get in and have it diagnosed. You'll need medical evidence for TAC claims.

    Best of luck and I hope like hell it's just soft tissue reaction that a clinical massuer (note - not physio) can iron out.
  17. Re: "I'm a very careful driver"

    Something to consider - you weren't treated at the scene. If complications arise later on there may be issues getting TAC to cover you.

    When you see the doctor, make sure that you explain what happened and if necessary lodge a TAC claim form.

    I'm not sure of the procedure, or if they do that sort of thing at normal clinics. People who claim tend to be in the ED at the local 'ospital...

    Good luck with it.

    As for the bike, best to get the frame alignment checked and put that on the bill for the other guy.
  18. If there is any chance of making a TAC claim - you MUST report it to the cops. They'll biatch and say it's not necessary and won't follow up on it but the TAC won't act without you doing so.
  19. I don't know what it is with drivers telling you that they are good when they obviously aren't. Maybe it is to reassure themselves rather than to reassure you.

    I was bumped off my bike by a Lady in Mercedes when I had stopped at a stop sign and was just starting off again. Ended up lying on the ground inches from oncoming traffic coming 80km/hr.

    I was up and fuming, yelling at her and pointing at the stop sign. Noticed how white and shaken she was as she locked her car door! Realised what a ranting lunatic I was being and apologised and asked her to help me pick up the bike, she finally came out.

    She started telling me what a good driver she is and that she didn't expect I would stop at the stop sign because there were no cars coming. Luckily another person had come over and told her what I would have said a whole lot more bluntly.

    Didn't even start feeling how bruised and sprained I was for at least an hour. But worse, I still haven't got over the fear of being rear ended again and go out of my way to avoid stop signs or just don't stop at them if no cars are coming.
  20. If he isn't insured, you don't necessarily need to issue your own letter of demand: there are companies who do that on your behalf ... as he has admitted fault, it won't (shouldn't!!) cost you a cent to get your bike fixed, in the event it isn't deemed a write off ... if it is, same company/s will (should!!) work on your behalf to get you a replacement bike