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I'm a scary motorcyclist

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by chrome, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. So, riding home last night, following a Pajero with it's brake lights stuck solidly on. Decide to tell the driver that maybe they want to get that fixed. Unfortunately no traffic lights stop us in time and they turn off a side street, I follow flash my lights and motion to them to pull over.

    The driver proceeds to drive faster and more erratically. What the hell is going on, I thought. So I follow them and eventually they pull over, and it's a woman at the wheel. I've pulled up alongside. I motion to her to wind the window down, she screams off down the road.

    Sigh. I follow her another 20 meters where she pulls over again, this time winding it down a crack.

    "Hi, your brake lights don't work. Its a bit dangerous, so I thought I'd let you know."

    "oh! Sorry! I thought you were going to carjack me!"

    I must look really scary or something.

  2. People are way too paranoid these days..
  3. I personally love it. People cut me off, I don't usually care. If they wave and say sorry, I forget it. If they give me the finger and yell abuse, I see red and chase them, then they get scared and shit themselves when I pull up next to them at traffic lights. Works a treat, i'm 5'4 on a bike I can barely balance stationary!! :grin:
  4. So how much are you selling the Pajero for?
  5. I had a similar response when I pulled up next to a woman X5 driver to let her know her exhaust was leaking and needed attention. She was way more concerned that she may have cut me off, and I was upset, than she was about the potential of CO poisoning.

    I had to reassure her several times that her driving was fine. I'm still not sure that she heard my warning. Still, it is worth trying to help them, sometimes.
  6. And what... throw your bike in the back lol
  7. ...Nah!!... you obviously stole the bloody bike!!!...... :roll:

  8. I pulled up alongside a mate from my old work at a set of lights and gestured for him to wind his down (I wanted to say Hi :p). He got a shit-scared look, looked over at his passenger then slowly wound it down - to me laughing and letting him know who it was - he didn't know I rode, it was priceless :LOL: Even on my little 250 :wink:
  9. Where was this??
    way back when i was on my Ls, i nearly ran into the back of a pajero that had its brake lights on constantly..
    i am informed pajero means wanker in spanish. fun fact...
  10. :LOL:
    All jokes aside, it's kinda sad the world has become such a place of distrust and paranoia.
    I remember my Dad saying how back in the day 1960's I guess, he would often stop to give a mother and child a lift if he saw them caught in a downpour. That kinda behavior is not acceptable these days.
  11. My nephew who has not long been back from a period as an exchange student in Costa Rica informs me that it certainly does. In Spanish speaking countries it's the Mitsubish "Montiero" which is some kind of warrior.
  12. Cool tid bit there. So when I call people a Pajero now they will think ah shitsubishi. lol
  13. Most 'jammed brake lights' are actually automatics being driven by f.....g idiots who leave their left foot on the brake pedal with enough weight to keep the brake lights on. Does wonders for their brake life and fuel consumption too.
  14. most likely an ex-south african lol
  15. You got a problem with my heritage buddy?

    *in deep south african accent*
    Get me a coffee... a whiite one... and be bleddy quick about it or i'll give you a lekker bliksim.
  16. No :LOL:

    She's probably scared of getting hijacked because that's common over there. (I would know, I'm an expat too).
  17. LOL nice story
    Surprised you persevered ..... after noticing she freaked I probably would have let it go.

    Also yeah the correct response to carjacking is "haha no I wasn't going to carjack you ..... but now that you mention it ......"

  18. Chicks in auto's tend to drive with two feet, one on the break, they gently rest it on it, making the brake lights stay on.

    I've never come across someone with an electrical problem where the lights are stuck on.

    and only a woman would think someone would want to loose a bike and gain a Pajero.
  19. Good story, bit of a laugh I reckon. Ditto what others have said RE: brake lights on. Saw a car the other night with the same...oh well.

    I like the whole 'tough bike warrior' image, I think its hilarious. I mean, as if me owning a bike somehow transforms me into Arny from Terminator 2...popping a shotgun and not giving stuff about the road rules, haha.

    Let people think what they want, we know we're not tools. Er, right?

    - boingk