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I'm a newbie (kind of..)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by LittleRed, Feb 11, 2015.

  1. Howdy! I've been hanging around these forums for a little while now, so I decided I'd post a quick introduction.

    I'm almost 20 years old, currently P1 until April when I'll finally be unrestricted. I live about 30 minutes out of Leongatha, Victoria.. some pretty great roads out here, some pretty bad ones too...

    I've been riding on and off most of my life (stepdad used to race motorcycles and was a motorcycle wrecker when he was younger, so he got me into it). It all started with a little Suzuki JR50, moved onto a Honda XR80 and then I stopped riding. Skip ahead a few years and my parents soon started bugging me about getting a job and my license, so I did as I was told and booked myself in for my license.. the look on my mum's face when she found out it was for a motorcycle was priceless (still to this day, no car license.. I ride my motorcycle everywhere!). Took a bit of effort and convincing but I eventually got my first motorcycle, a Honda CB250.. was a great little bike, took one hell of a beating since I work on gravel roads and need to wake up early for work, wombats.. gutters.. we took on everything together (and it hurt.. a lot). Surprisingly enough, she survived long enough for the clutch to play up and that's when I decided to say goodbye.

    I've now got a 2004 Suzuki DR400, much more suited to the job at hand. Handles the dirt roads like a dream and it's much easier to avoid the pesky wombats.

    I've also decided to plan ahead a little and get something a bit more suited to long distance travel and highways, so I've got myself a Honda VTR1000 for when I'm finally unrestricted.

    I'm not really a interesting person, so I don't have much else to say.. but yeah, howdy! (y)
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  2. Howdy indeed! Welcome to NR and let me tell you, you ARE interesting person for sure :) Great bikes too!
  3. Welcome to NR...not interesting? Pah not true -absolutely everyone is interesting...
    Just love the thought of your mum thinking car and you bike lol.
    Keep the photos coming -I'm not a dirty rider (yet) but wombat dodging sounds diferent!
    Nice road ride too...:cat:
  4. Welcome!
    Good to see your CB survived the gutters, my son's didn't ... but then he hit it a little harder than necessary.
  5. Thanks for the warm welcomes.

    Yes, dodging suicidal nocturnal creatures is all a part of starting work at 4:00am and leaving home at 3:30am. Seems they see the headlight and figure it's safe to stand directly in front of it, or run in front of it when you swerve to avoid them. I've managed to kill three wombats during my time on the road, only fallen off once due to hitting one. Pretty lucky so far I'd say! (y)

    Here's the bastard that knocked me off, breed them big around here apparently..

    Thank god for my skid lid, imagine if that were my head.
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  6. I'm really surprised you managed to hurt let alone kill one without picking up the CB and using it to bludgeon the wombat to death.
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  7. Welcome mate. Your new purchase will make BitSarBitSar and CrazyCamCrazyCam jealous (for bike model and bike colour respectively)!
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  8. Is that a new saying for us bikers 'like flogging a dead wombat' Dark AngelDark Angel ??:cat:
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  9. All luck of the draw my friend, two of them ran straight into the side of the bike.. smashing my foot and the foot peg simultaneously. Caved their own heads in.
  10. Lucky you're not in deepest Africa, the local wildlife are not as accommodating (think hitting a rhino for e.g)...lol
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  11. Yeah, that doesn't sound too fun. I've come across a few snakes while riding, not really a worry but makes me lift my feet off the pegs to get a little extra distance from me and them.

    If you were talking about my 1999 Honda VTR1000, yeah, I'm in love.
  12. Well ... I know how much damage a wombat can do to a car or truck ... and given the penchant for bikers to fight over things ...
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  13. Funny thread! Welcome to Netrider :).
  14. [​IMG]

    Welcome to NR.
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    That's hilarious. :joyful:
  16. I had a wombat toddle out under the front wheels of a ute I was driving back from a race meeting in Albury. I had a Suzuki 1000 in the back, and as luck would have it he chose to wedge himself under the front cross-member and lift both front wheels off the ground as I was negotiating a climbing right-hand hairpin on the Putty Road. Thankfully friction took over before he and I headed off the road and down an embankment, and he rolled out from under the car at the last minute......
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  17. Yep, they are quite stupid and silly animals.. but I suppose we need to share the road with them too, since a lot of the time we build them in the middle of their habitats.
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  18. Not their fault, they have next to no natural predators and they still haven't figured out that stuff on the smooth black stuff goes 70km/h let alone $1.60 plus....
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  19. I forgive them for being stupid, I know the pain.. seems the only thing they understand is sound. I've only had one jump out in front of my DR400 the rest usually run off into the bush. Perks of a loud exhaust I guess?
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